Ordering a new license plan

To order a new license plan you follow the License Plan Ordering Wizard in the Partner Portal:

  1. Select your customer and from the Purchasing tab select .

  2. The breadcrumb navigation highlights the steps of the wizard. Not all steps may be available as it depends on whether you are ordering a new plan or changing an existing plan.

    Product Select the license plan product type that you want to order.

    Select the quantity of licenses that you need initially on your license plan.

    You must buy enough to cover your customer's current usage. If this minimum is more than you want to buy at this stage then you must cancel the wizard and reduce the number of subscriptions (under the Users / Team VMRs / Endpoints / Domains tabs).

    Payment Select the payment cadence of your choice. Pexip offers monthly, and one to five year prepay plans. Not all payment options are available on all products.
    Start Date

    Your license plan is effective as soon as you order it, and your customer can immediately enjoy using the service.

    It is the date from which Pexip calculates your first billing of the license plan.


    Here you can add your own internal references:

    Cost center: your cost centers and the default cost center have to be specified in advance under Company settings (in the Billing section).

    Your Purchase Ref: for example an internal purchase order number that will help your colleagues in accounts payable to recognize the Pexip invoice when it comes in.


    Check all the details to ensure everything is correct. If so, tick the box to confirm your own purchasing authorization and submit to place your order. You will also receive an email confirming the order.

Why can't I see pricing or the Add Licenses button?

The button and pricing information is visible only if you have Purchaser privileges in the portal. Purchaser privileges are not assigned by default, but can be requested by sending an email to bizops@pexip.com.

Pricing information is sometimes withheld from some partners. Please contact your Pexip account manager for more information.