Enterprise Room Connector (ERC): trial, orderability and enablement

There are two Enterprise Room Connector (ERC) products:

  • Enterprise Room Connector Basic for Microsoft or Google
  • Enterprise Room Connector Premium for Microsoft or Google

And there are some optional add-ons for Enhanced Room Management and Full HD for Microsoft CVI.

This article describes how to:

The use-cases described are the same for both product types.

See Enterprise Room Connector (ERC) Premium licensing package for more details about the package itself.

Create an ERC Trial

When the company evaluation mode is open, trials can be created for the following ERC products:

  • ERC Basic/Premium: CVI Teams or Google Interop
  • ERC Basic/Premium: Domain
  • ERC Premium: Endpoint Premium
  • ERC Premium: EUL User
  • ERC Premium: One-Touch-Join Room
  • ERC Premium: Trusted Device

Here are the relevant guidelines for how to create the trial subscriptions:

Ordering an ERC paid license

  1. Select your customer and from the Purchasing tab select .

  2. Select the ERC Basic or Premium for Microsoft or Google.

  3. Set the new total number of licenses needed and then follow the standard orderability wizard to submit the order. Note that:

    • There is a minimum quantity of 10 licenses for ERC Premium.
    • Annual license-plans only (1-5 year).
    • 2 domain hosting licenses are included in ERC Premium.
    • 1 domain hosting license is included in ERC Basic.
  4. The bundle item ERC products are automatically added as license plans, and are ready for you to proceed with activating these services.

  5. You can also optionally order some add-ons to the premium products:

    • Enhanced Room Management: Enhanced Room Management (ERM) is a separately-installable Pexip product that provides management of your Cisco and Poly devices and room systems. From system monitoring to bulk provisioning of software upgrades, address books, and branding profiles, it provides everything you need to manage your systems from one single management interface.See Enhanced Room Management overview for more information. You can order a different number of ERM licenses from the amount of ERC Premium licenses.
    • FullHD for ERC Premium Microsoft as an add-on for ERC Premium for Microsoft. You need to order the same amount of FullHD licenses as ERC Premium licenses.

To activate the services, see:

Ordering additional ERC licenses

To add more ERC licenses:

  1. Select Edit Plan for the Enterprise Room Connector license-plan (under the Actions wrench icon).

  2. Make the required changes to the plan. See Changing a license plan for more information.
  3. You can then proceed with activating the additional ERC bundle item services.