What's new in version 28?

The new features and enhancements and changes in functionality included in Pexip Infinity version 28, along with any planned changes and the new features and changes in the Infinity Connect web app are described below.

For full information about this release, see the release notes.

For information about earlier versions of Pexip Infinity, see Features added in previous versions.

Pexip Infinity new features and enhancements

Feature Description More information
Play prerecorded video content to participants prior to joining a conference

Pexip's Media Playback Service allows you to play prerecorded video content (such as adverts and informational videos) to consumers. When the media finishes playing, the user can be transferred to another service, such as a VMR conference, or they can be disconnected.

Third-party integrators with sophisticated Pexip Infinity integrations who use external policy servers, event sinks, and the Pexip Infinity management API can extend this base functionality. For example they could play content in response to events within other systems, such as consumers who are being held in a queuing system, before transferring them into a VMR. Alternatively, consumers could be transferred from a VMR conference into a playback service.

Configuring a Media Playback Service
Teams Connector enhancements: synchronized mute/unmute and mute indicator, raised hand indicators, spotlighting

Pexip's Cloud Video Interop (CVI) integration with Microsoft Teams has been enhanced:

  • Synchronized mute/unmute control and status for VTCs: a VTC can now be administratively muted from the Teams conference, and the VTC can unmute itself by sending a DTMF command (*6) to the conference. Previously, VTC endpoints could not be muted by Teams clients.
  • On-screen muted indicator: you can enable a new theme-based graphic that is displayed to an individual participant as a conference overlay when the endpoint has been administratively muted. Note that this feature has to be enabled by configuring a new disable_watermark_mute_icon setting in the themeconfig.json file to false.
  • Raised hand indicators: a notification is now shown to any VTC participants if a Teams participant raises their hand (except when using an Adaptive Composition layout).

  • Spotlighting: if a participant in a Teams meeting is spotlighted by a Teams client, that participant is also spotlighted in the layout presented to any gatewayed VTC system (except when using an Adaptive Composition layout).

Other changes and improvements to the Teams Connector include:

  • Adaptive Composition layout is now fully supported for Teams calls (previously this was a technology preview feature).
  • When using scheduled scaling, if the same Teams Connector is being used by multiple Teams tenants, then the minimum number of instances running in the scale set is now set to the highest of all of the individual Minimum number of instances settings for each tenant (previously it was the sum of the individual settings).
  • Version 28 of the Teams Connector contains updates that necessitate an upgrade to your Pexip platform to ensure compatibility with the latest updates to the Microsoft Teams APIs and to the Teams Connector's latest features.

We strongly recommend that you upgrade your Pexip deployment — both the Pexip Infinity platform and the Pexip Teams Connector — to version 28 as soon as practicable.

Multiscreen participant display for dual screen endpoints * Dual screen SIP endpoints can display conference participants across both screens, allowing you to show more participants than if you have a single screen. This display mode is currently only available for certain meeting and layout types and is a technology preview feature in this release. Controlling the layout during a conference
New theme elements and controls

The following new elements and controls have been added to the default themeconfig.json file:

  • There are 2 new dtmf_conference_control_commands:

    • toggle_self_mute (*6): toggles the mute status of the participant.
    • toggle_multiscreen (*9): toggles multiscreen participant display.
  • New disable_watermark_mute_icon setting (defaults to true).

There is also a new watermark_mute_icon.png graphic that is associated with the new disable_watermark_mute_icon setting.

Rules and requirements for customized themes
IPv6 support for H.323 IPv6 addresses are now supported for H.323 calls.  
One-Touch Join Office 365 integrations using Graph API One-Touch Join integrations with Office 365 now support the use of Microsoft's Graph API to provide access to OTJ calendars, without the need of a service account. Configuring Office 365 using Graph for One-Touch Join
Web proxy bypass for One-Touch Join Exchange connections For deployments where One-Touch Join system locations are configured to use a web proxy, it is now possible to bypass use of the web proxy for EWS connections to the Exchange server. For further information, please contact your Pexip authorized support representative.  
Participant authentication: multiple web app FQDN support Support has been added for deployments that use participant authentication where the Infinity Connect web app can be reached by multiple FQDNs. About ACS URLs
Ability to install and update individual Pexip Infinity components The new software bundles feature enables administrators to update individual components of the Pexip Infinity platform (for example the Infinity Connect web app), independently of the platform itself. Installing and updating software bundles
Administrative improvements

This release contains the following administrative improvements:

  • Local and external policy supports a new service_type of "media_playback" (Media Playback Service).

* Technology preview only

Pexip Infinity changes in functionality

Feature Description More information
WebRTC non-BUNDLE media no longer supported Non-BUNDLE media on WebRTC is no longer supported from v28 onwards. Please ensure any custom clients support BUNDLE.  

Planned changes in future releases

Feature Description More information
RTVideo codec, Lync Server 2010 and Lync 2010 clients no longer supported Technical support for the RTVideo codec is deprecated since Pexip Infinity v25. The RTVideo codec will be removed completely in a future release which will then disable interoperability with Lync Server 2010 and Lync 2010 clients.  

Infinity Connect web app new features and changes

Following are the new features and changes in the Infinity Connect web app in Pexip Infinity version 28:

Feature Description More information
Change layout during a conference and show/hide participant names

Host participants can use a new Change layout option in the side panel's Control menu. This lets you dynamically change the layout used during a conference to any of the support layout options, and to toggle the display of participant names.

Using the Infinity Connect web app
Chat messages indicator

A visual indicator is displayed when a new chat message is received. It is displayed against the Events tab If the side panel is open and showing the participant list, or above the button used to show the side panel if the side panel is closed.


Using the Infinity Connect web app
Push spacebar to talk When a participant has muted themself, they can press and hold down their keyboard spacebar to talk. It does not allow the participant to talk if they have been administratively muted. Using the Infinity Connect web app
Customize the participant list sort order The participant list can be customized to be sorted alphabetically via a new sortAttendeesAlphabetically application setting (instead of the order that the participants joined). Advanced Infinity Connect customization