What's new in version 29?

The new features and enhancements and changes in functionality included in Pexip Infinity version 29, along with any planned changes are described below.

For full information about this release, see the release notes.

For information about new features and changes to the Infinity Connect web app, see the Infinity Connect web app release notes.

For information about earlier versions of Pexip Infinity, see Features added in previous versions.

Pexip Infinity new features and enhancements

Feature Description More information
Improved presentation-sharing behavior for Infinity Connect / WebRTC clients

When an Infinity Connect / WebRTC client sends or receives presentation content (files or screen sharing), it is now sent via the existing call connection used for audio and video media. This means:

  • Improved presentation set-up times as it is no longer necessary to establish a second call.
  • Improved hardware resource allocation as the presentation stream no longer requires any additional resources.
  • Incoming presentation content is now viewed by Infinity Connect clients in full motion HD video by default.

Note that the internal PexRTC behavior has changed to support this feature. Any custom PexRTC developments that have not followed our documented API may no longer work correctly. See Changes in functionality in this release for more information.

PexRTC JavaScript client API
Teams Connector enhancements: Azure licensing optimization, "failed sharing" messages for Attendees, and improved "Disable mic" synchronization

Pexip's Cloud Video Interop (CVI) integration with Microsoft Teams has been enhanced:

  • If your organization participates in Microsoft's Azure Hybrid Benefit scheme, you can now use these licenses for your Teams Connector installations in Azure instead of purchasing separate licenses. This can be enabled by configuring the new (and mandatory) $PxUseAzureHybridBenefit installation variable.
  • If a CVI participant is an Attendee and attempts to share content from their endpoint, the sharing request is now denied and the attendee is informed via a message on their endpoint such as "Sharing failed" (the exact message depends on the endpoint).
  • It now has full support for when a Teams client uses the "Disable mic" or "Disable mic for attendees" options on a VTC participant — the VTC's indicated mute status is now always in sync with Teams.
  • The Teams Connector now requires the Microsoft Graph PowerShell module (you must install it as part of the installation or upgrade process).

Note that version 29 of the Teams Connector contains updates that necessitate an upgrade to your Pexip platform to ensure compatibility with the latest updates to the Microsoft Teams APIs and to the Teams Connector's latest features. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your Pexip deployment — both the Pexip Infinity platform and the Pexip Teams Connector — to version 29 as soon as practicable.

Adaptive Composition enhancements to "presentation in mix" and conference indicators

When using the Adaptive Composition layout:

  • When viewing presentation content as part of the layout mix, up to 12 other video participants are now displayed in addition to the presenter and the presentation itself. If the "presenter" is a group of people then up to 8 other participants are shown, plus the presenter.
  • The conference indicators at the top of the layout now use different colors for different notification messages: audio speaker indicators have a green border, and messages such as locked, recording and transcribing have a red border. The messages also include the associated icon along with the message text.
Receiving the presentation stream as part of the layout mix (Adaptive Composition)
Administrative improvements to Live View and Administrator interface start page

Pexip Infinity administrators can configure two new settings in Platform > Global settings > Management web interface configuration:

  • Show conferences and backplanes in Live View: controls whether conferences and backplanes are shown in the Live View graph. If you have a very busy deployment, it may be useful to disable conferences and backplanes from the Live View for an improved viewing experience.
  • Management start page: controls the first page you are directed to after logging into the Administrator interface.
Management web interface configuration
New "System integrity is compromised" administrator alarm There is a new "System integrity is compromised" alarm which is raised if one or more of the Pexip Infinity system files have been modified by an external party/event. Viewing alarms
Client TURN server provisioning and new TURN server authentication methods

When configuring TURN servers for use with Pexip Infinity:

  • You can now select an authentication type of either Username & Password (previous behavior), or Time-limited credentials (new option to support the new Direct Media / end-to-end encryption feature) that requires the configuration of a shared secret.
  • You must now configure the transport type for each TURN server (UDP, TLS or TCP).
  • When defining system locations you can now specify one or more Client TURN servers that will be provisioned to Infinity Connect WebRTC clients that connect to a Conferencing Node in that location.
Using TURN servers with Pexip Infinity
Google Meet interoperability improvements Presentation content sent from a VTC endpoint to Google Meet now supports 1080p.  
Pexip Macro for Meeting Controls Enhanced endpoint controls for Microsoft Teams meetings on Cisco endpoints which include: changing the conference layout, enabling/disabling the overlay text, viewing the participants list, and spotlighting a participant. Pexip Macro for Meeting Controls
Voice activity detection improvements *

We have improved the way in which voice activity is detected by better distinguishing between actual speech and background noise. This reduces the probability that people who are not speaking but have audible background noise will be switched into the main speaker position. Note that this does not remove any noise from the audio.

When enabled it applies to all call types and all layouts.

This is a technology preview feature and can be enabled via Platform > Global settings > Tech preview features > Enable Voice Focus.

End-to-end encrypted calls between two WebRTC participants *

VMRs can now support non-transcoded, encrypted, point-to-point calls between two WebRTC participants.

This is a technology preview feature and can be enabled via Platform > Global settings > Tech preview features > Enable Direct Media, and then by enabling Direct Media on each required VMR (in the Advanced options section).

Tech preview features

Configuring Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs)

Updated Infinity Connect web app *

A technology preview of the next release of the Infinity Connect web app, Webapp3, is available. This release includes a completely new user interface and revised join flows, along with support for upcoming new Pexip Infinity features.

Webapp3 can be accessed by appending /webapp3/ to the IP address or domain name of a Conferencing Node (or reverse proxy) in a v29 Pexip Infinity deployment, for example:



* Technology preview only

Pexip Infinity changes in functionality

Notice to integrators using client APIs

WebRTC clients now send and receive presentation content via the call connection used for audio and video media:

  • All media is now sent on a single, bundled call. If you are developing your own apps using our client API directly, this will require code changes. See Pexip client REST API for more information.
  • The PexRTC API remains backwards compatible. Please ensure you always pull the version from the Conferencing Node you are connecting to.
  • The internal workings of the PexRTC API have changed considerably. Any custom PexRTC developments that have not followed our documented API may no longer work correctly.

Other changes

Feature Description More information
Changes to formatting of Administrator Log and Support Log results

In the Administrator Log and Support Log results, a value is enclosed by double quotes and sometimes there is an additional set of double quotes within the value which causes issues if you are manually parsing the logs.

The occurrence of double quotes within double quotes is now escaped using a backslash. For example:

Instance="Type=\"vmr\"" Detail="Expiration-date=\"2-Jun-2022\""

Additionally, there are general updates to the log formatting which affect the casing of certain alphanumeric keys. Keys are now Kebab-Case by default. For example, Src-address is now Src-Address. If you currently parse the logs you may need to do case-insensitive matching on keys.

About the administrator log

About the support log

"Legacy" Infinity Connect desktop client no longer supported "Legacy" Infinity Connect desktop client versions, i.e. those released in 2018 or earlier, are no longer supported and are not compatible with Pexip Infinity v29 and later.  

Integrators and third-party developers: the changes in this section may necessitate updates to your applications, and lab testing is strongly encouraged. Please contact your Pexip authorized support representative if you need more information.

Planned changes in future releases

Feature Description More information
RTVideo codec, Lync Server 2010 and Lync 2010 clients no longer supported Technical support for the RTVideo codec is deprecated since Pexip Infinity v25. The RTVideo codec will be removed completely in a future release which will then disable interoperability with Lync Server 2010 and Lync 2010 clients.