Advanced Connect app branding and customization

Most customization requirements for the Connect apps can be implemented by using the Pexip branding portal to generate a package of branding files and then applying that branding by uploading the branding package to the Management Node (see Customizing and branding the Connect apps). However, for advanced customization requirements you may need to make manual changes to the branding files.

This topic covers how to manually customize both the current Webapp3 and the previous Webapp2 versions of the Connect web app.

You may also need to manually customize these files if you are hosting the web app on an external server or reverse proxy. For information about how to apply customized branding in this situation, see Hosting the web app externally.

Note that manual configuration requires knowledge of core web-design technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Hosting on the Conferencing Nodes

The standard method for applying branding to the Pexip Infinity platform is to upload a branding package to the Management Node and associating the package with a unique web app path. The package is then pushed out to all Conferencing Nodes, from where those customizations are served to all web app users joining using that path.

Each web app version requires separate branding customizations. You can create multiple unique paths where each path is used to host different combinations of web app version, revision and branding.

Branding customizations that are applied to the Connect web app via the Management Node will persist over upgrades to subsequent versions of Pexip Infinity software (although you may need to adapt the customization to cater for any new features when upgrading to a new major release).

More information

Participant avatars cannot be branded via the web app, but they can be controlled by using external policy or by configuring user records. For full details about how to integrate Pexip Infinity with an external policy server, see Using external and local policy to control Pexip Infinity behavior.

In addition to customizing the appearance of the Connect web app, you can also use themes to change the voice prompts and images provided to participants when they are accessing a Virtual Meeting Room, Virtual Auditorium or Virtual Reception.

If any further information on customizing Pexip Infinity is required, please contact your Pexip authorized support representative.