Viewing registrations

To see a list of all device aliases that are currently registered to the Pexip Infinity platform, go to Status > Registrations.

Devices can only register to Pexip Infinity if the alias it wants to register has been added to Pexip Infinity's list of allowed device aliases (Users & Devices > Device aliases). For more information, see Registering devices to Pexip Infinity.

The following information about each registration is available:

Field Description

The alias that has been registered, including its URI scheme (e.g. sip:).

Click on the alias to view detailed status information.

Username The username associated with the alias that was used to authenticate the registration.
Node The address of the node to which the device is registered.
Start time

The date and time the registration started.

Protocol The protocol over which the device alias is registered, such as SIP, H.323 or WebRTC.
Is natted * Indicates if the registered device is probably behind a NAT (its contact address is different from its source IP address).

* Only displayed when you have selected an individual alias to view.