Using a DTMF keypad to control a conference

Host participants using telephones or SIP/H.323 endpoints that support DTMF can control aspects of a conference by using their keypad.

For information on using Infinity Connect clients to send DTMF tones to another participant, see Using Infinity Connect in-call controls.

Default DTMF controls

The default DTMF controls that can be used within a conference (Virtual Meeting Room or Virtual Auditorium) are:

DTMF digits Control
*7 Toggle conference lock and unlock
*5 Toggle mute and unmute all Guests
## Terminate the conference (disconnect all participants including yourself)

Note that with calls made via the Infinity Gateway, any DTMF signals are forwarded to the other party.

Changing DTMF controls

The DTMF digits for each control can be changed on a per-theme basis by editing the themeconfig.json file.

Each control must be two DTMF digits long, and all the commands must be different. When deciding the digits to use for each control, you should ensure there is no risk of overlap in situations where one of the digits is not successfully received.

For example, if you used:

  • 57 to lock the conference
  • 75 to mute all Guests
  • 77 to end the conference

there is a risk that a user could enter 5775 to lock and mute the conference, but due to packet loss the initial digit was not received. In this case the string that is received would be 775, which would be interpreted as 77 and thus a command to terminate the conference.

Disabling DTMF controls

DTMF controls are enabled by default. They can be disabled and enabled on a per-theme basis by editing the themeconfig.json file.