Connect web app release notes

This topic describes the new features, changes in functionality, and fixed issues in the current and previous supported releases of the Connect web app:

What's new?

New in v34 Webapp3

Following are the new features and changes in Connect Webapp3 in Pexip Infinity version 34:

Feature Description More information
New features
Portrait mode support for WebRTC devices in all layouts *

Any WebRTC device with a portrait aspect ratio (such as 9:16) can now receive a layout specifically designed for a portrait display in all layouts (previously this was limited to the Adaptive Composition layout).

This is still a technology preview feature and can be enabled via Platform > Global settings > Tech preview features > Enable portrait layouts.

Enabling portrait layouts
Custom layout selection Users can now select any of the custom layouts that are available to the current conference when changing the layout via the Meeting layout tab. Using Connect web apps
Presentation in Mix support

Webapp3 users can control whether to view presentation in mix automatically when a supporting layout is in use. This option is off by default.

Administrators can customize this option to be on by default.

Prefer presentation in mix


Far-End Camera Control (FECC) support
  • Webapp3 users can control the camera of another participant if that participant's camera supports FECC.

  • Webapp3 users can choose whether their own camera can be controlled by other participants.

Control another participant's camera

Far-end camera control

Lower a raised hand Meeting hosts can "lower" another participant's raised hand. Lower a participant's raised hand
Prioritize motion over sharpness When sharing content with other participants, Webapp3 users can choose whether to prioritize motion (best for videos and moving images) or sharpness (best for static presentations and images). Prioritize sharing motion
Custom favicon Administrators can customize the image used for the Webapp3 favicon. favicon
Hide UI elements Administrators can use customization to hide selected UI components. hiddenFunctionality
Support for third-party authentication Support has been added for features (such as plugins) that require authentication to a third party using an OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect flow. The redirect destination is webapp3/oauth-redirect. handleOauthRedirects
Custom join flow * Administrators can use customization to add an extra step to the join flow to show additional information (for example, terms and conditions of use) and which can optionally require acceptance or confirmation from the user in order for them to proceed with the call. customStepConfig
Support for screen capture API updates

Administrators can use customization to override default screen capture parameters, supporting recent changes to W3C's Screen Capture API.

For more information, contact your Pexip authorized support representative.

Changes in functionality
Processing improvements The blur algorithm has been improved, reducing the local processing overhead when background blur is enabled.  
Improvements to permission requests Various improvements to the way in which requests for blocked camera and mic permissions are presented to users.  
Plugin improvements Various improvements and additions to enhance support for visual elements used in plugins (for example forms, prompts, toasts, buttons).  

* Technology preview only

New in v34 Webapp2

There are no significant new features in Connect Webapp2 in Pexip Infinity version 34.

Fixed issues

Fixed in v34 Webapp3

Ref # Resolution
GL4473 If a white or light background color is in use, the post-meeting text is now black rather than white, to improve visibility.
GL4409 Resolves an issue whereby in some situations when the camera selection had toggled between two devices, the final camera selection would not persist.
GL4408 The speaker device selection now persists between meetings. Previously only the camera and microphone selection persisted.
GL4109 Resolves an issue whereby a preconfigured meeting URL resulted in the meeting being joined automatically even when join=1 was not included.
GL3822 Language parameters are no longer ignored if they are included in a preconfigured URL that also includes a custom branding path.

Fixed in v34 Webapp2

There were no significant user-facing fixes in this release.

Known limitations

Ref # Limitation

(Webapp3 only)

Any settings specified in the defaultUserConfig section of the manifest file will not be overriden by any corresponding setting included in a preconfigured URL. For example, if the defaultUserConfig specifies settings for isAudioInputMuted or isVideoInputMuted, any settings included in a preconfigured URL for muteMicrophone or muteCamera respectively will be ignored.

19889 When using the Connect web app in a browser on a mobile device in landscape mode, in some cases the video and presentation is cropped. To work around this, we recommend using the Connect mobile apps on mobile devices.
18119 Long display names are truncated when there is space available to show the full name.