Using Connect web apps

This guide describes how to use each of the Connect web apps available with Pexip Infinity:

  • Webapp3, the latest version, which was released with Pexip Infinity v30.
  • Webapp2, the previous version, which was originally released with Pexip Infinity v18.

For more information, see About Connect web app versions.

The two web apps use the same API to connect to the Pexip Infinity deployment, but they have a different user interfaces and offer a slightly different set of features:

Webapp3 user interface examples

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Webapp3 — Before you join

Webapp3 — Joining a meeting

Webapp3 — Checking your devices

Webapp3 — During the call

Webapp2 user interface examples

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Webapp2 — Before you join

Webapp2 — Checking your devices

Webapp2 — Joining a meeting

Webapp2 — During the call