Downloading a diagnostic snapshot

If you are experiencing issues with your Pexip Infinity service, you may be asked by your Pexip authorized support representative to provide them with a snapshot of your system to assist them in diagnosis of the issue.

To download the diagnostic snapshot:

  1. On the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface, go to Utilities > Diagnostic snapshot.
  2. To download all available data, select Download full snapshot.


    To download a subset of the snapshot, containing a specified time period:

    1. Type in, or adjust the sliders to the start and end times (in terms of how many hours ago from the current time) of the diagnostic data to be downloaded. The number of hours available will vary depending on the logs available on the system.
    2. If requested by your Pexip authorized support representative, select Include diagnostic metrics from all Conferencing Nodes.

      If this is selected, then metrics from the Management Node and all Conferencing Nodes are included with the snapshot.

      If this is not selected, then metrics from the Management Node only are included with the snapshot.

    3. Select Download limited duration snapshot.

    Wait while the snapshot file is prepared — do not navigate away from the page until the file has been generated.

  3. Follow your browser's prompts to save the file.

File contents

The diagnostic snapshot is a collection of logs, incident reports, and metrics, and therefore contains information such as IP addresses, conference names, aliases, Pexip Infinity configuration and system logs. Some of this information may be sensitive to your organization, so the snapshot should be saved and handled securely.

Note that Management Node metrics are always included in a snapshot. Conferencing Node metrics are included if you download a full snapshot or if you download a limited duration snapshot and have selected Include diagnostic metrics from all Conferencing Nodes.

File size

When each log reaches its maximum size, the oldest data is overwritten.

The maximum file size of each log in the snapshot is as follows:

  • Administrator: 1 GB
  • Support: 2 GB
  • Internal developer-specific logs: 2 GB

The diagnostic snapshot also includes all available incident reports:

  • the full snapshot contains up to 28 days of incident reports, with a cap at 5 GB
  • the limited duration snapshot contains incident reports from the selected number of hours.