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Muting a participant's audio

There are several ways the audio being sent from a participant can be muted:

When a participant's audio has been muted, Pexip Infinity will still receive their audio stream but will not add it to the mix being sent to all other participants.

Using the Administrator interface

To use the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface to mute a participant's audio:

  1. Select the participant. You can do this in two ways:
    • Go to Status > Participants and select the participant to mute.
    • Go to Status > Conferences and select the Virtual Meeting Room or Virtual Auditorium that the participant is in. From the Participants tab, select the participant to mute.
  2. At the bottom right of the screen, select Mute.

Using Infinity Connect

You must have Host privileges to use this feature.

It is possible to mute a participant's audio using Infinity Connect. Note that this will not mute the participant's speakers, so they will still hear all other unmuted participants, but what they say will not be heard. Host participants can mute an individual participant, or mute all Guests simultaneously.

When Infinity Connect has been used to mute a participant, the Audio administratively muted? column of the Conference status page of the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface will show YES.

Participants will not be aware that they have been muted or unmuted.

Participants can mute and unmute themselves using Infinity Connect, but only if they have Host privileges.

An Infinity Connect user can unmute a participant previously muted by another Infinity Connect user.

Muting an individual participant

To use Infinity Connect to mute an individual participant's audio:

  1. From the participant list, select the Mute icon to the right of the participant's name.

    A "muted" icon will appear next to the participant's avatar, and the icon will appear next to their name.

  2. To unmute the participant, select the Unmute icon .

Muting all Guest participants

To use Infinity Connect to mute the audio coming from all Guests participants:

  • From the top left of the screen, select the menu icon and then select Mute all guests:

A "muted" icon will appear next to the conference avatar. All Guest participants currently in the conference, and any Guest participants who subsequently join the conference, will be muted (indicated by a "muted" icon next to their avatar).

Using the Infinity Connect Mobile client for iOS

To mute or unmute a conference participant's audio:

  1. Select the participant.
  2. Toggle the Enable audio from participant setting:

Using DTMF

If DTMF controls have been enabled, Host participants can mute and unmute all Guest participants. The default DTMF entry to do this is *5 but this may have been customized. For more information, see Using DTMF to control a conference.