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Customizing images and voice prompts using themes

Themes allow you to change the voice prompts and images provided to participants when they are accessing a Virtual Meeting Room, Virtual Auditorium, Virtual Reception or Test Call Service, or making a person-to-person call using the Distributed Gateway. You might change the theme if, for example, you want to use your company's own logo or color scheme on the PIN entry screens, or you want to change the language used in the voice prompts.

Each conference theme is made up of a customized set of audio and image files. You can replace any or all of these files with your own customized sounds and images in order to create a new theme. If required, you can automatically generate the images used for the PIN entry screens based on a background image and color of your choosing.

You can also use themes to apply a video watermark to your conferences.

You apply themes to individual Virtual Meeting Rooms, Virtual Auditoriums, Virtual Receptions, Test Call Services and Call Routing Rules, but the same theme can be used for multiple services. You can also nominate a global default theme to be used for any services that have not had a specific theme applied to them.

Pexip Infinity ships with its own Base theme, which cannot be edited. Files from the Base theme are used when no other theme has been selected, or when the selected theme does not contain a specific file. Pexip Infinity also ships with a number of preconfigured themes — these include alternative themes that contain entry and exit tones and localized audio files — making it easier for you to select and create themes suitable for your deployment.

Note that if you use the Infinity Connect clients to access your services, you can also customize the look and feel of those clients. For more information, see Customizing the Infinity Connect Web App.

How do I know which files will be used?

When you create a new customized theme, you don't have to upload a complete set of files — you can just upload the ones you want to be used specifically for that theme. When a user accesses a service that has that theme applied, Pexip Infinity presents them with the sounds and images from the files included in that theme. If the customized theme does not include a specific file, or the service does not have a theme applied, then Pexip Infinity uses the relevant file from the theme that has been selected as the default theme. If the default theme does not include the specific file either, then the file from the Base theme is used.

Example - replacing the logo in the PIN entry screen

Imagine you want to replace the Pexip logo that appears in all the PIN entry screens with your own company's logo, and have this apply to every VMR in your deployment. To do this:

  1. Create a new customized "Logo" theme containing only the new PIN entry screens.
  2. Select this new theme as your default theme.

Now, users will see your own company's logo when entering their PIN, but all other image files, and all the audio prompts, would come from the Base theme.

Example - using individual avatars for Lync / Skype for Business contacts

Imagine you want to change the avatar that is displayed in Lync / Skype for Business users' contact lists to represent Alice's and Bob's personal VMRs, so that they show Alice's and Bob's images respectively. To do this, you create a new customized "Alice" theme that contains only Alice's image (saved as presence_avatar_image.jpg) and a new customized "Bob" theme that contains only Bob's image (also saved as presence_avatar_image.jpg). You then select the "Alice" theme for Alice's personal VMR, and the "Bob" theme for Bob's personal VMR. Now, Lync / Skype for Business users will see Alice's and Bob's images as the avatars representing their respective VMRs.

Example - replacing the logo and using avatars together

Imagine you want to use individual avatars for each VMR and also replace the Pexip logo with your corporate logo. To do this, you would combine the steps in the above two examples - apply a theme containing just the avatar image file to each VMR, and then select the theme that uses the corporate logo as your default theme. Now, Lync / Skype for Business users will see Alice's and Bob's images as the avatars representing their personal VMRs, and when they connect to the VMR they will see your company's logo in the PIN entry screens. All other image files, and all the audio prompts, will come from the Base theme.

Viewing the themes currently in use

To find out which themes are currently in use in your deployment, go to Service configuration > Themes. The Service count column will show you how many services each theme is associated with.

Themes are also shown on the overview page for each type of service (go to Service configuration and then select the service). Here you can sort the list by Theme.


Using themes to brand your Virtual Meeting Rooms

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