About the administrator log

The administrator log is a subset of the support log. It contains information about events occurring during the normal use of the system which may be of interest to a system administrator, notably:

  • Conferencing Node deployment and communication status
  • configuration changes on the system
  • conferences starting and ending
  • participants joining and leaving conferences
  • participants presenting in conferences
  • device registrations
  • VMR imports
  • system backups
  • break-in prevention policy triggers.

Sensitive information, such as the content of chat messages, is not logged.

Log timestamps always use UTC.

The information in the administrator log is retained during reboot and upgrade.

Viewing the administrator log

To view the administrator log, go to History & Logs > Administrator log. If required, you can export the administrator log to a text file by selecting Download.

The log is presented in the order the messages were received by the Management Node.

The log appears in the format:

syslog_time system originating_time level name details


Field Description

In the format:


The time that the event was logged by syslog on the originating system.

system The IP address or host name of the system that sent the log message.

In the format:

year-month-day hour:minute:second,millisecond

The time at which the event occurred on the originating system.


The severity of the event. The levels, in order of increasing severity, are:

  • INFO

In the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface, warnings and errors are highlighted with an orange or blue background respectively.

name The system module producing the log output.
details Information about the event, as a series of name=value pairs.

Searching the administrator log

You can filter the entire administrator log to only show messages that contain a particular string (for example, an IP address, alias or service tag) using the search box at the top left of the web page.

The search box also supports BRE syntax regular expressions (regex), so for example, you could search for:

  • ^2017-10-07T09:[34][[:digit:]]: to limit the displayed log messages to those emitted between 09:30:00 and 09:49:59 UTC on 7 October 2017
  • .*"Registration added".*"sip:alice@example.com" to find all instances of "Registration added" messages for the SIP alias alice@example.com
  • .*\("error"\|administrator.alarm\).* to review error and warning alarms that have been raised or lowered.

Note that the results are not paginated.

For more information on the content of the administrator log, see Log output.

File size

The administrator log has a maximum size of 1 GB, after which it will be overwritten, starting with the oldest entries. Up to 10 MB is available in a single page view on the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface; you can navigate through additional log pages using the buttons at the bottom left of the page. (Note that each page is a separate file, so the first page, which is the end of the file, may not be full.)