Tracking usage via service and participant call tags

To assist in tracking usage of the Pexip Infinity platform you can assign service tags to conferencing services such as VMRs, Virtual Auditoriums, Virtual Receptions and Call Routing Rules, and participant call tags to each participant within a conference.

You can also use the service and participant call tags for decision-making purposes in local and external policy.

Service tags

Each Virtual Meeting Room (including those used for scheduled conferences), Virtual Auditorium, Virtual Reception, Call Routing Rule and registered device can be assigned a unique identifier, known as a service tag. You can then use this tag to track usage of the service, for example for billing purposes.

Every conference event and participant event associated with the conference will include the service tag.

In most cases, if you are using service tags in your deployment you would obtain the information you require from the logs either from the Pexip Infinity Management API (for more information, see Log output), or from an event sink. However, you can also search the Administrator log directly from the web-based Administrator interface (History & Logs > Administrator log) using the service tag to track usage of the service.


A service provider is using the Pexip Infinity Management API to create Virtual Meeting Rooms automatically on behalf of customers. They assign each new VMR a user-friendly Service name - this is the name that is presented to participants accessing the conference and appears in Skype for Business users' contact lists. They also assign each VMR a randomly generated UUID as the Service tag. The service provider then uses the Service tag UUID to track usage of each VMR in order to bill each customer appropriately for using their services.

Participant call tags

Every participant event associated with a conference can include a call tag that is specific to that participant.

The tag can be specified in client API requests and then used by app developers to correlate other API requests. The participant call tag is present in policy requests, participant updates to other participants, event sinks and the status/history databases for management API requests.

Note that the call tag is not displayed in the Administrator interface.