Enhanced Room Management overview

Enhanced Room Management (ERM) is a separately-installable Pexip product that provides management of your Cisco and Poly devices and room systems. From system monitoring to bulk provisioning of software upgrades, address books, and branding profiles, it provides everything you need to manage your systems from one single management interface.

Its main features include:

  • Monitoring, usage and diagnostic data: it provides instant visibility into video systems and room usage data, allowing you to diagnose room system health in real-time. Call statistics allows you to generate valuable insights reports showing system usage per hour/day by participant or group.
  • Provisioning of video systems: you can provision configuration settings to a single system or in bulk across your organization. You can also create and distribute powerful macros for room automation, and update firmware for any number of systems either immediately or scheduled for later that night.
  • Address books: you can create address books from multiple sources, including importing from Cisco TMS. Entries in large phonebooks are easy to find by using the search and filtering functions.
  • People count:* real time monitoring of meeting room usage enables you to create powerful reporting from both online and offline meetings.
  • Branding profiles:* you can provision your branding profiles on all or some of your meeting room displays and touch panels across the organization as often as needed.

* Currently only available for Cisco devices.

See this article for more information about ERM.

Supported endpoints

ERM currently supports the following endpoints:

  • Cisco Webex Room series (Room, Room Kit)
  • Cisco Webex Desk series (Desk, Desk pro)
  • Cisco C series (C20, C40, C60, C90)
  • Cisco DX series (DX70, DX80)
  • Cisco EX series (EX60, EX90)
  • Cisco MX series (MX200, MX300, MX700, MX800)
  • Cisco SX series VTC systems (SX10, SX20, SX80)
  • Polycom HDX series (4000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000)
  • Polycom Realpresence Group Series (310, 500, 550, 700)
  • Poly Trio series (8300, 8500, 8800)
  • Poly Studio X series (x30, x50, x70)

and the following software versions:

  • Cisco CE9.x and later
  • RoomOS 10.x and later
  • TC 7.3.x
  • HDX
  • Group
  • Trio 7.2.2.x and later
  • StudioX/G7500 3.10.x and later

Getting started

For more information about deploying ERM, see: