ERM Installer: initial setup and license management

The ERM Installer is used to install and configure the Enhanced Room Management suite of products. This topic describes how to set up the password for the installer and activate your license key.

It assumes that you have already followed and completed the set up of the ERM Installer virtual machine in your server network. If not, please see Deploying the ERM Installer virtual machine before proceeding.

After completing the set up of the ERM Installer virtual machine, the VM's IP address and URL is displayed via the machine’s command line. Using a computer with access to the server’s network, enter the displayed URL into your browser to access the ERM Installer interface.

Note that browsing to the machine hostname requires correct records in your DNS. The ERM Installer can also be reached by IP address in the format https://<IP address>:8999.

Setting a password (on first time use)

The first time you access the ERM Installer via the browser you are asked to choose a password for your installation. This password is used for all future access to the installer, so it is important that you securely save this information.

Enter your desired password and click Create password to proceed.

After entering the password you are now logged in to the installer and the next step is to activate your license key.

Activating your license key

This section describes how to activate your license key if your server has access to the internet. If your server does not have internet access, see Installing and upgrading ERM in an offline environment instead.

If you have not yet entered a license key, there is a notice stating that you do not currently have an active license key. Click Set license key in the notice to proceed.

Note that the Ignore verification errors and save anyway option is primarily used in offline environments. Where the virtual machine has access to the internet, leave this option unselected so that it can validate the license and get a list of licensed components.

Enter the license key you received from your distributor and click on Submit to proceed.

If this is the first time you have used the installer and entered your license key, you are next taken to the general server settings.

Viewing your active license

You can see an overview and status of your current license key by going to Settings > Active license. This shows which products the license key applies to, and when the license key expires for each product.

Changing/updating a license key

You can change or update your license key by going to Settings > Change license key, and then selecting Submit to activate the new licenses.

However, the license will not be pushed to the ERM product until you Deploy Changes via the Installation menu. Please complete these steps to ensure the new licence becomes active within ERM.

Renewals re-use the same key. The license on the ERM Installer gets updated autocratically (when it has internet connectivity). In this case just Deploy Changes to synchronize the new license over to the ERM modules.