Automatically sending usage statistics

As part of our desire to continuously improve operation of the Pexip Infinity platform and Connect apps based on real-life customer usage data, we have enabled the ability for customers, at their own discretion, to automatically provide us with statistics relating to the usage and configuration of their deployment.

When enabled at a platform level, relevant conference information (such as conference duration and number of participants, call duration and protocol) and selected configuration settings (such as version, license information, location and number of conferencing nodes) is sent automatically every 30 minutes to a third party service provider on behalf of Pexip.

When enabled for individual Connect apps, information on events (such as use of conference controls, application errors, and settings such as bandwidth and device selection), is sent on occurrence of the event.

We will aggregate and analyze the information for each customer who has enabled these options, in order to better understand the ways our products are being used in production deployments. This in turn helps us determine the features and requirements of future software releases, which will ultimately provide a product that is of maximum benefit to you.

The analytics information we receive will not contain any identifying information (such as user names or passwords), and will not be shared with any other organizations. A full list of the data that will be sent to us at a platform level and by the Connect apps is given in Information sent when usage reporting is enabled. For any more information, please contact your Pexip authorized support representative.

When this option is enabled, either your Management Node must have a web proxy configured, or your firewall must be configured to allow the Management Node to send outbound traffic over HTTPS.

Enabling and disabling automatic sending of platform usage statistics

The option to automatically send usage statistics is enabled or disabled during initial installation of the Management Node (when running the installation wizard).

To enable or disable the automatic submission of usage statistics after initial installation or upgrade:

  1. On the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface, go to Platform > Global settings.
  2. From the Reporting section, select or deselect the Automatically send deployment and usage statistics to Pexip box as required.
  3. Select Save.

Enabling Connect app usage statistics

Individual Connect app users can also control via their Connect app's Settings page whether to Send anonymous statistics.

Note that the Automatically send deployment and usage statistics to Pexip global setting on the Management Node must also be enabled in order to allow the Connect app to send usage statistics.

Information sent when usage reporting is enabled