Transferring a participant to another conference

You can transfer a participant from one conference to another conference (or to another device or system via the Pexip Distributed Gateway). There are several ways to do this: Using the Administrator interface, Using Connect apps, or Using the APIs.

After the transfer has been successfully initiated, the transferred participant will be removed from the original conference. Should the transfer then fail (for example, if it is made to a device that rejects the call), the transferred participant will be disconnected i.e. it will not rejoin the original conference.

It is also possible to transfer a participant into a VMR that requires participant authentication. For full information, see Transferring participants.

Note that when a Skype for Business / Lync participant is transferred, they will appear as audio-only and will need to escalate to video.

Using the Administrator interface

To use the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface to transfer a single participant from one conference to another conference:

  1. Select the participant. You can do this in two ways:
    • Go to Status > Participants and select the participant to transfer.
    • Go to Status > Conferences and select the Virtual Meeting Room or Virtual Auditorium that the participant is currently in. From the Participants tab, select the participant to transfer.
  2. At the bottom right of the screen, select Transfer.

    The Transfer participant dialog opens.

  3. Enter the Target conference alias.

    This can be any alias associated with a Virtual Meeting Room, Virtual Auditorium or Call Routing Rule.

  4. Select the Role the participant will have in the new conference.
  5. Select Transfer.

    If the transfer is successful, the participant list will be updated to show the participant in the new conference (it may also temporarily show the participant still connected to the previous conference).

Using Connect apps

To use the Connect app to transfer a participant from one conference to another:

  1. Join the conference as a Host.
  2. From the Participant list, select the participant and then select Transfer Participant.

    Enter the alias of the conference you wish to transfer the participant to, the PIN (if applicable) and whether they should join as a Guest or Host, and then select Transfer.

    You can transfer any participant, including yourself.

Using the APIs

Third-party applications can use the management API and the client APIs to transfer participants to another conference.

For more information, see Management command API and Using the Pexip client APIs.