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Viewing live platform status

For a high-level real-time overview of your Pexip Infinity deployment, go to Status > Live View. The interactive graph on this page shows you at a glance the locations and Conferencing Nodes that are currently deployed, and the available capacity and current load on each. It also shows the conferences currently taking place, and the nodes on which they are being hosted. You can view specific information on each location, node and conference, by hovering over each item.

Viewing location status

Each location is represented by one or more Conferencing Nodes against a colored background. A different color is used for each location. The label above gives the name of the location and a summary of the percentage of available HD ports across all Conferencing Node in that location that are currently in use.

The example below shows the Oslo location, which is current using 29% of the 33 available HD ports:

Viewing Conferencing Node status

Within each location, each Conferencing Node is represented by a separate icon, described below. Hovering over each icon will provide information regarding that node's hostname, IP address, current load and estimated capacity (in terms of the estimated maximum number of HD calls the node can handle). Hovering over a node icon will also highlight the all the conferences for which that node is handling the media.

The example below shows the information that is available for one of the two Conferencing Nodes in the Oslo location:

Viewing conference status

Conferences are represented by blue circle icons, described below. Hovering over the icon will provide details of the conference, including what type of conference it is, how long it has been in progress, and the list of participants. Hovering over a conference icon will also highlight all the Conferencing Nodes that are handling media for that conference.

The example below shows the information that is available for the conference being hosted in the ABCD Vendor Training Conference Virtual Meeting Room:

Key to icons

Icon Meaning
Conferencing Nodes *

A cloud bursting node which is currently off.


A cloud bursting node which is currently starting or stopping.


A node that hasn't reported for at least two minutes. (Nodes should report once each minute.)


A node that is in maintenance mode.

A node which is waiting to be upgraded. When you begin an upgrade of your platform, all nodes will have this status but will still be able to handle calls. After each node is upgraded in turn, it will return to normal operation.


A node which is currently upgrading.

A node during normal operation. The amount of green fill within the circle indicates the current media load (in terms of percentage of estimated HD ports in use), so an unused node will be white and fully loaded node will be filled entirely green.
Conferences **

Conference being held in a Virtual Meeting Room.

Conference being held in a Virtual Auditorium.

Call to a Virtual Reception.

Gateway call.

Call to the Test Call Service.

Conference is locked.
The participant is currently presenting content.
Streaming participant.
API participant.

* For Conferencing Nodes, the size of each icon is relative to its total capacity.

** For conferences, the size of each icon is relative to the number of participants.