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Taking a Conferencing Node out of service

If you need to take a Conferencing Node out of service, you must first put it into maintenance mode to ensure that it is not hosting any conferences.

To do this:

  1. Go to Platform configuration > Conferencing Nodes.
  2. Select the Conferencing Node.
  3. Select the Enable maintenance mode check box and select Save.

    While maintenance mode is enabled, this Conferencing Node will not accept any new conference instances.

  4. Wait until any existing conferences on that Conferencing Node have finished. To check, go to Status > Live View.

When all conferences on the Conferencing Node have finished you can take it out of service.

Note that when a Conferencing Node is in maintenance mode, it reports a media load of 100%. This is to indicate that there is no current capacity available.

About maintenance mode

When a Conferencing Node goes into maintenance mode, it will not accept any new calls. Any existing calls on that Conferencing Node will not be affected. After all existing calls have terminated, the Conferencing Node will still be live and contactable but will not be handling any calls.

A Conferencing Node will go into maintenance mode for one of three reasons:

  1. The system administrator has elected to put the Conferencing Node into maintenance mode. This is done from the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface by going to Platform configuration > Conferencing Nodes, selecting the relevant Conferencing Node, and selecting the Enable maintenance mode checkbox.

    This setting will persist after a reboot.

  2. The Pexip Infinity platform is being upgraded, during which time each Conferencing Node in turn is automatically put into maintenance mode and upgraded. For more information, see Upgrading the Pexip Infinity platform.
  3. The Conferencing Node has been installed on a system that does not meet the CPU instruction set requirements. In such a case:
    • after initial deployment, the following message will appear in the admin log:
      CPU instruction set is not supported; system will be placed in maintenance mode
    • each time the Conferencing Node rejects a call, the following message will appear in the admin log:
      Message="Participant failed to join conference." Reason="System in maintenance mode"
    • any manual changes to the Enable maintenance mode setting will have no impact - the Conferencing Node will remain in maintenance mode regardless of this setting.

    For more information on how to resolve this, see Troubleshooting the Pexip Infinity platform.