Configuring endpoints to support One-Touch Join

This topic describes how to configure each of the supported endpoint types — Cisco OBTP (either when on the same network as the One-Touch Join Conferencing Nodes, or when on a different network), or Poly OTD — so they can be used with Pexip Infinity One-Touch Join.


We recommend that you have already completed the steps in Configuring Pexip Infinity for One-Touch Join. In particular, you will need some of the information that you previously entered when Adding One-Touch Join endpoints to Pexip Infinity, to complete the configuration on each endpoint.

Configuring Cisco OBTP endpoints for OTJ

For endpoints on the same network as the OTJ Conferencing Node, we recommend you configure the endpoint to allow the node to connect directly to it, as per the instructions in Configuring OBTP endpoints on the same network.

For endpoints on a different network to the OTJ Conferencing Node, these endpoints must be registered to Webex Cloud, and OTJ must be configured to connect to the endpoint via Webex Cloud. For full instructions, see Configuring Cisco Webex Cloud registered endpoints.