Deploying a dedicated One-Touch Join platform

In most cases, One-Touch Join will be implemented as a feature within a wider Pexip Infinity deployment, and run on Conferencing Nodes alongside other Pexip Infinity services. However, you can also set up separate OTJ locations within your deployment that contain Conferencing Nodes used solely for One-Touch Join. A third option appropriate in some situations is to implement a separate Pexip Infinity deployment purely for One-Touch Join, for example if you are a Pexip Service customer wishing to use One-Touch Join, or you are a large enterprise wishing to separate the resources used for your One-Touch Join deployment.

If you are implementing a dedicated One-Touch Join deployment alongside but separate from a Pexip Infinity deployment, they do not need to be running the same software version, as there is no interaction between the two deployments. This means that existing Pexip Infinity environments can implement a dedicated One-Touch Join deployment without having to upgrade their existing software.

Minimum hardware requirements

A dedicated One-Touch Join deployment consists of one Management Node and at least one Conferencing Node. Further Conferencing Nodes can be deployed for redundancy.

For dedicated One-Touch Join-only deployments, the resource requirements are minimal, therefore you may use the minimum server specifications outlined below. However, if you expect to broaden your deployment to implement some of the wider Pexip Infinity features in the future, you will need to increase the specifications of your hardware, as detailed in the Server design guidelines.

  • Management Node:
    • 4 cores
    • 4 GB RAM
    • AVX or later processor
    • 100 GB SSD storage
    • The Pexip Infinity VMs are delivered as VM images (.ova etc.) to be run directly on the hypervisor. No OS should be installed.
  • Conferencing Nodes:
    • 4 cores
    • 4 GB RAM
    • AVX or later processor
    • 50 GB SSD storage per Conferencing Node, 500 GB total per server (to allow for snapshots etc.)

    • The Pexip Infinity VMs are delivered as VM images (.ova etc.) to be run directly on the hypervisor. No OS should be installed.

Minimum Pexip Infinity platform configuration

You must ensure the following components of the Pexip Infinity platform are configured and working appropriately:

  • DNS servers
  • NTP servers
  • Locations (note that you do not need to configure any overflow locations, as this concept is not used by One-Touch Join).
  • Licenses: you will need an OTJ license for each endpoint that will use the One-Touch Join feature.
  • Custom CA certificates: only required if you are using One-Touch Join with Exchange on-premises, and your Exchange server does not use a globally trusted certificate.

Call Routing Rules are not required on the dedicated One-Touch Join deployment, because these deployments do not handle any calls. However, you must ensure that your call control system is configured so that calls being placed by the endpoints to each of the supported meeting types can be routed appropriately.

One-Touch Join configuration

The process of configuring One-Touch Join in a dedicated environment is the same as when configuring it as part of a wider Pexip Infinity deployment, namely:

For more information, see Configuring Pexip Infinity for One-Touch Join