Deleting Conferencing Nodes

When deleting a Conferencing Node, you must first remove its details from the Pexip Infinity platform using the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface, and then delete it from the hypervisor/cloud platform.

To delete a Conferencing Node:

  1. Put the Conferencing Node into maintenance mode and wait until all calls on it have terminated.
  2. From the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface, go to Platform > Conferencing Nodes.
  3. Select the Conferencing Node to be deleted, and from the Action drop-down menu select Delete selected Conferencing Nodes.
  4. Select Go and on the following page confirm that you want to delete the selected Conferencing Node by selecting Yes, I'm sure.
  5. Shut down and remove the Conferencing Node VM.

    For on-premises installations:

    1. Log in to the VM manager, shut down the deleted Conferencing Node and then power it off.
    2. Right-click on the Conferencing Node and select Delete from Disk (VMware) or Delete (Hyper-V / KVM / Xen).

    For cloud-based installations:

    1. Log in to your cloud provider's management portal.
    2. Terminate the Conferencing Node instance.
    3. If using Azure, delete the resource group and storage containers which hold the instance.