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Introduction to deploying Pexip Infinity with Cisco VCS

The Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) is a SIP/H.323 registrar and call control device. This guide describes how to integrate the Pexip Infinity solution within a deployment based around the VCS, using the VCS to route calls to configured conferences on potentially geographically distributed Pexip Conferencing Nodes.

Prerequisites and limitations

Cisco VCS

This guide assumes that the VCS deployment is already configured for routing calls within the domain.

Pexip Infinity does not register to a VCS. Instead, you must create a neighbor zone on the VCS for each group of Conferencing Nodes in a location. We strongly recommend that both H.323 and SIP are enabled within these zones to avoid unnecessary interworking on the VCS.

Pexip Infinity

This guide assumes that you are familiar with VCS.

It assumes that Pexip Infinity and VCS have been deployed successfully, configured with basic settings (such as an IP address, DNS and NTP servers) and are able to route calls. It also assumes that Pexip Infinity has been configured with Virtual Meeting Rooms and associated aliases appropriate to your dial plan.

Dial plan and conference aliases

The examples used in this guide assume a dial plan where all Virtual Meeting Room aliases are in one of the following two formats:

  • meet.<name>
  • 555<extension>

It assumes that a Virtual Meeting Room, named meet.alice, has been configured with two aliases: and

Note that Pexip Infinity supports aliases that include a domain (e.g., as well as aliases without a domain (e.g. just 555123). To match a received destination alias that includes a domain, the aliases configured within Pexip Infinity must also include the same domain. If an alias configured on Pexip Infinity does not include a domain:

  • calls to <alias> without any domain portion (e.g. 555123) will be matched
  • calls to <alias>@<IPaddress> (e.g. 555123@ will be matched
  • calls to <alias>@<domain> (e.g. will not be matched.

Domains must be configured explicitly on Virtual Meeting Room aliases. Depending on your dial plan, you may need to configure the VCS's search rules and/or transforms to ensure the Virtual Meeting Room aliases are in the expected format when received by Pexip Infinity.