Using your Virtual Meeting Room

Pexip Infinity provides any number of users with their own personal Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) which they can use to hold conferences, share presentations, and chat.

Here's what you need to know for you and your guests to use and make the most of your VMR.

It's always available

Your VMR is a personal space that is always available for you to meet with others over video or audio and share content. You can use it whenever you want — for pre-arranged meetings or for ad-hoc calls — without making a reservation in advance.

VMR addresses and PINs

Your administrator will let you know the address of your VMR. Often you will have two addresses – one will typically be in the format (like an email address), and the other will be a number, for example 555678. Which address you and your guests will use depends on the type of video device they are using.

In most cases you will be able to dial your VMR directly using the email-style address, but in some circumstances you may need to go through a central Virtual Reception, and then enter your VMR number.

Your VMR may be set up with a PIN code that you as the host can use, which will enable you to control the conference (for example, locking it, and muting guests). Your guests may be able to join your VMR without a PIN, or they may need to enter a different Guest PIN.

Use any device

You and your guests can use almost any video-enabled device – or even a normal telephone – to join a meeting in your VMR, including:

  • A video conferencing endpoint: on most video endpoints and room systems you can simply enter the address of your VMR.
  • A client like Skype for Business / Lync or Cisco Jabber: again, you should just be able to enter the address of your VMR.
  • One of the Pexip Infinity Connect clients: these are available for desktop and mobile (iOS and Android). If you use one of the Infinity Connect clients, you also get built-in access to a wide selection of meeting information and controls, including a list of attendees. Again, simply enter the VMR address.
  • A web browser: if you or your guests don't have a fancy endpoint or a software client, you can still call into your VMR from almost any browser including Chrome and Edge – no downloads required! Your administrator will need to tell you the link to use in your browser, and then from there you can enter your VMR address to join the meeting.
  • A telephone: if you want to join the conference over audio, then your administrator will tell you the number you can dial.

Using your keypad to control the conference

If you aren't using Infinity Connect, you can still control some aspects of the conference from your endpoint's keypad (using what are known as DTMF controls).

The default DTMF controls that can be used within a conference are:

DTMF digits Control
*7 Toggle conference lock and unlock
*5 Toggle mute and unmute all Guests
## Terminate the conference (disconnect all participants including yourself)

Try out the features in Infinity Connect!

There are many features built in to the Pexip Infinity Connect clients, which are available for desktop, mobile and browsers. Most are self-explanatory, but here are some of the most popular (see the relevant user guide for a full list):

  • Controlling the meeting room: when you’ve joined the meeting room, you can lock it and then only let in the people you want. You can also dial out to people that you want to bring into the meeting.
  • Viewing a list of participants: you’ll see a list of conference attendees on the left of your screen. From here you can mute and disconnect any of them, or change their role from Guest to Host.
  • Sharing content: you and your Guests can share PDFs and images with others in your VMR. Depending on your client, you may also be able to share your screen.
  • Sending messages: at the bottom left of the Events tab (in the side panel) is a text box. Type messages here to send them to other participants who have joined your conference using either an Infinity Connect or Skype for Business / Lync client. You can also share URLs, and they will appear to other participants as clickable links.

Connecting with Skype for Business / Lync

Pexip VMRs fully support Skype for Business / Lync, so you and your colleagues can keep using the clients you are familiar with to connect to your VMR. Below are just some of the features we support (for full details, see Using Skype for Business / Lync clients with Pexip Infinity):

  • Adding your VMR as a contact: you can add your VMR as a SfB/Lync contact just like you would anyone else. Simply type the address of your VMR into the search box – it should appear in your contacts list, and you can then right-click it to add as a favorite.
  • Sharing and viewing content: you can share your screen, program, or PowerPoint presentation with others in your VMR just as you would in a normal SfB/Lync call. And when others in the VMR share their content, you'll see it just as expected.