Issues fixed in version 20.1

These are the resolved issues in the current release of Pexip Infinity. You can also review the issues fixed in previous versions of Pexip Infinity.

For a list of resolved issues in the current release of the Infinity Connect clients, see Infinity Connect release notes.


Ref # Limitation
15726 Fixes an issue where continuous rising memory usage was seen on Pexip Infinity nodes.
15694 Resolved a security issue with insufficient validation of the contents of a system backup archive during system restore. See CVE-2019-7178 for full details.
15634 Fixes an issue where a node may recover from an I/O stall and would have required a reboot to recover.

Resolved a Server Side Template Injection (SSTI) jinja2 vulnerability, which may have allowed a malicious Pexip administrator to execute code outside of the jinja2 sandbox. See CVE-2019-7177 for full details.

Note that one of the effects of this fix is that the __len__ function is no longer permitted. This function may have been used to generate phone numbers. For example, when generating a phone number based on the following rules:

  • Use telephoneNumber if present and at least 8 characters long after cleaning and truncation
  • Else use mobile, cleaned and truncated to at most 8 characters

Previously the __len__ function may have been used like this:

{%set a = telephoneNumber|pex_clean_phone_number|pex_head(8)%}
{%set b = mobile|pex_clean_phone_number|pex_head(8)%}
{%if a.__len__() == 8%}{{a}}{%else%}{{b}}{%endif%}

Now, as the __len__ function is no longer permitted, you would instead need to do:

{%set a = telephoneNumber|pex_clean_phone_number|pex_head(8)%}
{%set b = mobile|pex_clean_phone_number|pex_head(8)%}
{%if a|length == 8%}{{a}}{%else%}{{b}}{%endif%}
15357 Fixes an issue where Guests could not receive full-motion presentation in the Infinity Connect web app when "Guests can present" was set to "No" on a Virtual Auditorium.
15216 Fixes an issue where connectivity alarms for deleted Conferencing Nodes were not removed.
15137 Fixes a theme file inheritance issue, where some VMR theme elements, such as the background image, would not override default theme elements.
14913 Fixes an issue where the video stream would not be removed from the last stage of the Test Call Service.
14598 Fixes a rare incident where conference participants could be dropped, triggered by participants using the web app on Internet Explorer / Flash.

Infinity Connect web app

Ref # Resolution
15744 Fixes an issue where switching camera on Chrome version 72 may lead to blank video being sent and received.
15482 Fixes an issue where the next-generation Infinity Connect web app may send anonymous usage statistics before connecting to a conference even if this setting was disabled.
15476 Fixes an issue where a WebRTC call may erroneously be rejected for firewall connectivity reasons when using Chrome version 73.
15309 Fixes an issue where calls could drop when using DTMF tones in the Waiting for Host screen when using the Infinity Connect web app on Internet Explorer.
15074 Fixes an issue where screensharing is not available in Chrome version 71 or later with the legacy web app.


Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync

Ref # Limitation
15289 Fixes an issue where VTC participants that are gatewayed into a Skype for Business meeting that has several audio-only participants may have experienced audio dropouts.
14647 Fixes an issue where audio from audio-only Skype for Business users may sometimes have been dropped when gatewaying into a Skype for Business meeting.

Issues fixed in version 20


Ref # Limitation
14722 Fixes an issue with new themes caused by a change in DTMF input methods (e.g. from tone to RFC2833) after one or more DTMF digit tones had been heard. Legacy themes were unaffected.
13982 Jitter is now displayed on the conference graph.
13779 Fixes an issue where, if an RTMP participant connected to the Test Call Service via a Proxying Edge Node, audio tokens were reserved but were not subsequently released when the call finished. This meant that the node may have eventually reported that it had run out of capacity if a lot of RTMP test calls were placed through it. The workaround was to restart the node.
13705 Fixes an issue where occasionally, when a participant in a Virtual Reception entered DTMF tones, the corresponding digit was not shown on the screen.
13570 Fixes an occasional issue where chat messages sent from an Infinity Connect client may not be seen by other participants.
13432 Pexip Infinity will no longer demonstrate stability issues if there are more than 10 locations configured and restricted routing for Proxying Edge Nodes is enabled.
13409 Fixes an issue where local policy scripts which forced (or passed-through) service configurations with call_type of auto will have incorrectly overwritten the value of call_type to video.
13367 Deployments can now have more than 256 nodes created during the lifetime of the deployment.
13325 Fixes an issue where Pexip Distributed Gateway calls to RTMP destinations would not send any video.
13107, 13708 Occasional issues in very busy systems, where conference status history sometimes reported some conferences as having a negative duration or inconsistent start and end times, have been resolved.
13027 In all versions prior to v20, configuration will stop synchronizing after 5 years since initial installation. Upgrading to version 20 resolves this issue.
12619 When using RTMP dual streaming, the second presentation stream/camera now sends the "no_presentation" splash screen if there is no current presentation. If a legacy theme is in use, an image of an easel is sent.
12149 If a conference was being streamed to an RTMP service, and a conference participant started a presentation but the device did not send any presentation content, a "frozen" conference image was sent to the RTMP service. Now, the "no_presentation" splash screen is sent to the RTMP service. If a legacy theme is in use, an image of an easel is sent.
11351 Fixes an issue where, when a cloud bursting Conferencing Node starts or stops, the other nodes might temporarily show a warning that they cannot communicate to the node that is starting/stopping.


Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync

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In a situation where VbSS is enabled, and a Skype for Business client is connected to a VMR and is currently receiving a presentation from another participant, then if the SfB client starts presenting its own desktop, it takes control of the presentation stream as expected. But, if the same SfB client then switches to presenting an application window, the new presentation is not sent, and the other endpoints in the conference continue to see the last frame of the desktop sharing. This issue is now fixed.