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Changes in functionality in this release

Features that have changed in functionality in this release are listed below.

Feature Description More information
Less verbose support.sip messages in the support log Some support.sip messages in the support log are less verbose than previously. Log messages for SUBSCRIBE, NOTIFY, OPTIONS, INFO and UPDATE requests now generate summary output.  
Keep alive pings from SIP proxies no longer trigger external policy requests Pexip Infinity now immediately responds with 200 OK to OPTIONS keep alive pings from remote SIP proxies, and does not perform any additional processing — such as sending outbound external policy requests — on receipt of such messages.  
Lync and Skype for Business terminology updates

References to "Lync" on the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface have been updated to also refer to "Skype for Business", specifically:

  • "Lync servers" are now called "Lync / Skype for Business servers".
  • The "Lync (MS-SIP)" protocol (used in Call Routing Rules and when dialing out) is now called "Lync / Skype for Business (MS-SIP)".
  • In Call Routing Rules the "Lync AVMCU conference direct (not via Virtual Reception)" call target is now called "Lync / Skype for Business meeting direct (not via Virtual Reception)", and the "Lync clients or Lync AVMCU conferences via a Virtual Reception" call target is now called "Lync / Skype for Business clients, or meetings via a Virtual Reception".
  • The "Lync MSSIP domain" (used in global settings and system location configuration) is now called "Pexip Infinity domain (for Lync / Skype for Business integration)".
  • Global setting "Enable Lync auto-escalation" is now called "Enable Lync / Skype for Business auto-escalation".
  • "Lync conference lookup location" on a Virtual Reception is now called "Lync / Skype for Business meeting lookup location".

(Note that all API parameter/field names are unchanged.)

Management API improvements

There have been minor updates to the management API:

  • It now allows filtering of devices ('device' resource) by the owner email address ('primary_owner_email_address' field).
Retrieving, paginating, filtering and ordering resource details
Improvements to the conference status graph There have been minor updates to the conference status graph, including changes to the icons representing Conferencing Nodes, and the inclusion of control-only participants in the graph. Viewing current conference status
More historical media load data The Conferencing Node media load graph now shows 4 weeks of history (rather than one week as previously). Viewing Conferencing Nodes
Relationship between services and themes

You can now:

  • from each of the Service configuration pages, view which themes are associated with the services, and sort the list by theme
  • view the number of services to which a particular theme has been applied.
Viewing the themes currently in use
Service creation time

You can now view the time at which a particular service was created. This information is shown via the Administrator interface on the edit page for each service. This applies to:

  • Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Virtual Auditoriums
  • Virtual Reception
  • Automatically Dialed Participants
  • Device aliases
Maintenance mode status The Conferencing Node status page now includes a sortable column regarding whether each node is in maintenance mode.  
Conference history The maximum number of conferences show in the Conference History page has increased from 5,000 to 10,000. Viewing historical information about conferences
Security-related updates

This release includes several security-related modifications:

  • TLS connections no longer use Triple DES or MD5.
  • The security wizard (used when deploying Pexip Infinity in secure mode):
    • allows you to disable TLS 1.0
    • allows you to disable Anonymous Diffie Hellmann key exchange for outbound SIP/TLS
    • no longer allows you to enable SSL 3.0.

Deploying Pexip Infinity in a secure mode of operation

Infinity Connect Web App support for Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows 10 has been deprecated. Support for the Infinity Connect Web App via Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows 10 systems has been deprecated. Windows 10 users should use Microsoft Edge (or another browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera) instead.  
API participants and backplane reservation If an API participant is the first participant to join a conference, it will now reserve a backplane for the conference. Previously an API participant would not have reserved a backplane. Hardware resource allocation rules