Changes in functionality in this release

Features that have changed in functionality in this release are listed below, followed by advanced warning of changes planned for future releases.

This topic covers the Pexip Infinity platform; for changes in the latest release of the Infinity Connect web app see the Infinity Connect web app release notes.

Pexip Infinity platform

Notice to integrators using client APIs

WebRTC clients now send and receive presentation content via the call connection used for audio and video media:

  • All media is now sent on a single, bundled call. If you are developing your own apps using our client API directly, this will require code changes. See Pexip client REST API for more information.
  • The PexRTC API remains backwards compatible. Please ensure you always pull the version from the Conferencing Node you are connecting to.
  • The internal workings of the PexRTC API have changed considerably. Any custom PexRTC developments that have not followed our documented API may no longer work correctly.

Other changes

Feature Description More information
Changes to formatting of Administrator Log and Support Log results

In the Administrator Log and Support Log results, a value is enclosed by double quotes and sometimes there is an additional set of double quotes within the value which causes issues if you are manually parsing the logs.

The occurrence of double quotes within double quotes is now escaped using a backslash. For example:

Instance="Type=\"vmr\"" Detail="Expiration-date=\"2-Jun-2022\""

Additionally, there are general updates to the log formatting which affect the casing of certain alphanumeric keys. Keys are now Kebab-Case by default. For example, Src-address is now Src-Address. If you currently parse the logs you may need to do case-insensitive matching on keys.

About the administrator log

About the support log

"Legacy" Infinity Connect desktop client no longer supported "Legacy" Infinity Connect desktop client versions, i.e. those released in 2018 or earlier, are no longer supported and are not compatible with Pexip Infinity v29 and later.  

Integrators and third-party developers: the changes in this section may necessitate updates to your applications, and lab testing is strongly encouraged. Please contact your Pexip authorized support representative if you need more information.

Planned changes in future releases

Feature Description More information
RTVideo codec, Lync Server 2010 and Lync 2010 clients no longer supported Technical support for the RTVideo codec is deprecated since Pexip Infinity v25. The RTVideo codec will be removed completely in a future release which will then disable interoperability with Lync Server 2010 and Lync 2010 clients.