Setting up two-factor authentication for logging in to the Partner Portal and Partner Analytics

Pexip Partner Portal and Partner Analytics accounts are protected via two-factor authentication (2FA) and time-based one-time passwords (TOTP), which means that after entering your user name and password, you need to enter a six-digit code to log in. You will need some third-party TOTP authenticator software to generate the one-time passwords.

When an account has been created for you, the first time you log in to your Partner Portal or Partner Analytics account, you activate your account by scanning a QR code — which represents a shared secret that's unique to your account — with the authenticator software. This allows the authenticator software to produce the correct codes for logging in.

You only have to set up 2FA once — you can then use the same authentication codes for both the Partner Portal and Analytics.

To manage access to the Partner Portal see Onboarding, creating and modifying portal accounts, and to request access to the Partner Analytics portal see Analytics access management. To reset a user's 2FA QR code, the administrator must submit a P4 support request to Pexip Support.

Authenticator software

You can use any authentication app that supports the TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) protocol, such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

Please consult your IT department if you are unsure which app is allowed to be used in your company.

Activating your Pexip account with 2FA

The steps below guide you through setting up 2FA and completing the activation of your Pexip account.

  1. Click on Complete the Activation in the Partner Portal or Pexip Analytics invitation email. This takes you to the login page.

    Note that existing users on the portal without 2FA enabled can just login as normal and they will be prompted to add 2FA to their account.

  2. Enter your user name and password and click Log In. This displays a QR code that's unique to your account and prompts you for a six-digit verification code (TOTP).

  3. Open your authentication app and start to add a Pexip account.
  4. Use the app to read the QR code.
  5. Verify that the 2FA is working by entering the six-digit one-time code that is displayed by the app and clicking Finish.
  6. You are returned to the log in process where you again enter a six-digit code generated by the app. Note that the code changes every 30 seconds.

Your Pexip account is activated

You have now activated your Pexip Partner account, and your authentication app is set up to produce one-time passwords for this account. The next time you log in to the Partner Portal or Partner Analytics, after entering your password, you are prompted to enter a six-digit code which you can get from your Pexip account in the authentication app.