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Server and network requirements

Host servers

The Management Node and Conferencing Nodes are virtual machines (VMs) that run on industry-standard host servers. A Management Node can run on the same host server as a Conferencing Node. Other Conferencing Nodes can run on host servers in the same or different locations, allowing you to create a globally distributed system.

We provide a guide to help you chose and configure appropriate servers on which to host your Management Node and Conferencing Node. For further information, see the Server design guidelines.

Network requirements

Depending on your network deployment scenario, you may have to configure your system to operate behind a static NAT and to ensure that traffic can be routed between nodes. See Network deployment options and Network routing and addressing options for Conferencing Nodes for more information about the requirements and implications of your deployment scenario.

Note that in all Pexip Infinity deployment scenarios:

  • All Pexip nodes must be fully routable to each other (full mesh) in both directions. This means that the Management Node must be able to reach every Conferencing Node, and each Conferencing Node must be able to reach every other Conferencing Node.
  • Any internal firewalls must be configured to allow UDP port 500 and traffic using IP protocol 50 (ESP) in both directions between all Pexip nodes.
  • There cannot be a NAT between any Pexip nodes.

Call control

If your deployment includes a call control system, it must be configured to route calls to Pexip Infinity appropriately. The exact configuration will depend on your deployment and dial plan, but in general calls placed from an endpoint to a Virtual Meeting Room alias should be routed to the endpoint's local Conferencing Nodes. For more information, see Implementing a dial plan.

Lync / Skype for Business server

If your deployment includes Lync / Skype for Business, you must set up static routes to domains used by Pexip Infinity aliases. For more information, see Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business with Pexip Infinity.