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Next steps after initial installation

Making a test call

When you have deployed a Conferencing Node and configured a Virtual Meeting Room and an alias, you can make a test call to check that your system is working.

An easy way to do this is by using the Infinity Connect Web App to dial the alias of one of the Virtual Meeting Rooms you've already created, as follows:

  1. Open a browser (we recommend Chrome) and type in the IP address (or FQDN, if you've set it up already) of one of the Conferencing Nodes.
  2. In the Person or conference to call field, enter the alias of the VMR you want to use for testing.
  3. Select Connect and check your microphone, camera and speakers are working as expected.
  4. Select Start.

    You will be connected to the VMR.

  5. From another machine, join the conference in the same way.

The two participants should be able to see and hear each other, and share content.

See About the Infinity Connect Web App for more information.

Further configuration

You are now ready to continue configuring the Pexip Infinity platform and services and deploying more Conferencing Nodes.

Specifically, you should now do the following:

At some point you may also want to:

Integrating with a call control system

To integrate Pexip Infinity with your call control system, you must configure a trunk or neighbor zone towards each of the Conferencing Nodes.

For further information about how to configure your specific call management system to work with Pexip Infinity, see the following documentation:

Configuring the Pexip Distributed Gateway

The Pexip Distributed Gateway service enables endpoints to make calls to other devices or systems that use different protocols and media formats.

For more information, see About the Pexip Distributed Gateway service.

Registering devices directly to the Pexip Infinity platform

SIP and H.323 endpoints, and some Infinity Connect clients can register directly to Pexip Infinity Conferencing Nodes. This allows Pexip Infinity to route outbound calls to those registered devices without having to go via a SIP proxy or H.323 gatekeeper, or rely on DNS.

For more information, see Registering devices to Pexip Infinity.

Customizing the user experience

You can easily apply your own corporate branding to the Pexip Infinity platform, and produce a personalized user experience for all of your Pexip Infinity services.

For more information, see Customizing the Pexip Infinity user experience.