ERM proxy clients

The Proxy clients page (Admin > Proxy clients) lets you manage the ERM Proxys that are connected to your ERM server. It shows existing connected ERM Proxys and any new ERM Proxys that have successfully authenticated with the ERM server and are awaiting approval.

See ERM Proxy virtual machine for more details about the installation and operation of an ERM Proxy.

Viewing proxy clients

The main page provides an overview of accepted and new proxy clients:

  • Name: the name of the proxy client. You can click here to edit the proxy.

    • A new proxy client that needs to be approved before connecting to ERM.
    • The proxy client is online.
    • The proxy client is offline.
  • IP: The IP number for the proxy client.
  • Last connection: the time when ERM last had contact with the proxy.
  • Last checked: the time when ERM last checked the proxy connection.
  • Actions:

    • Approve the system to connect to ERM. Note that for multi tenants, the proxy client is added for the customer you are currently managing.
    • Remove the proxy client from the current customer.

Editing a proxy client

Clicking on the proxy client’s name displays a dialog with the following options:

  • Name: the proxy client name.
  • IP series: automatically populate proxy settings for passive systems connecting from these IP series. To also enable active connections, you need to enable the relevant settings in the Admin > Settings page

Status changes

The sidebar shows the latest status change for all proxy clients. Each entry shows the time, name, IP number and which status was applied:

  • Online: the proxy went online.
  • Connect: the proxy connected.
  • Connect: the proxy connected but is not online.
  • Offline: the proxy went offline.