ERM network port requirements

The table below describes all of the network port requirements for your ERM server.

For a visual guide, see Network schematics.

Public services Incoming (TCP)
Web UI, feedback events, CDR, API 443 (multiple hostnames)
Browser redirect to HTTPS. Feedback events, passive provisioning for endpoints without TLS support. 80 (optional)
LDAP (Poly phonebook service) 389
Internal/operational services Incoming (TCP)
Installer web UI 8999 (may be filtered in firewall)
Low level troubleshooting 22 (may be filtered in firewall)
Outbound connections Outbound port
API requests to Pexip Infinity 443 (configurable)
Video endpoints 443 (TCP)
DNS 53 (TCP)
LDAP 389 / 636 (configurable)
NTP 123 (UDP)
ERM license activations (
443 (TCP)
ERM docker images registry and OS updates (
443 (TCP)