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Using Infinity Connect to share content

You can use Infinity Connect to share content such as images and PDFs, or what's on your screen, with other participants. What you can share depends on which of the Infinity Connect clients you are using.

If you are already in the call using another video endpoint, you can open and use Infinity Connect just to share content - for example, if you have joined the conference from a meeting room with a dedicated endpoint, and you want to show a presentation from your laptop without worrying about finding and connecting the correct cables.

Content will be sent to other participants at up to 5 fps.

Sharing your screen

Screen sharing is available from:

You can set the frame rate to use when sharing your screen. A lower frame rate will result in sharper images and is best for static presentations; a higher frame rate will be less sharp and is best for content where there is more motion. When using the Web App, prior to joining a conference you can use the Screensharing quality option (Settings > Advanced) to set the frame rate. When using the desktop client, you can set the framerate either before joining the conference or while in the conference (although if you are currently presenting you will have to stop and restart presenting for the change to take effect) by going to the Settings screen and using the Screensharing quality option.

When sharing your screen, you can choose to share the whole screen, or you can select an individual application to share.

To share your screen:

  1. From the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, select Share screen .
  2. For Chrome users, if this is the first time you have shared your screen, follow the on-screen prompts to enable screen sharing.
  3. The first time that you use Infinity Connect via Chrome to share your screen from a conference hosted at a particular domain, a confirmation window will appear:

    Select OK to confirm that you want to share your screen.

  4. From either the Your Entire Screen or the Application Window options, select what you want to share (any applications that are currently minimized won't appear on the list):

Sharing images and PDFs

Supported formats and clients


You can share images from any Infinity Connect client. Infinity Connect supports the following image formats:

  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • GIF


You can share PDFs directly from:

  • the Infinity Connect desktop client
  • the Infinity Connect Web App
  • Infinity Connect Mobile client for Android

PowerPoint presentations

You can't share PowerPoint presentations directly using this method. To share PowerPoint presentations, either

  • Save the presentation as a PDF, and share that.
  • (If you are using Infinity Connect via the Desktop client or Chrome) From PowerPoint, open the presentation as a slide show, and then share your screen.

How to share images or PDFs

To share images or PDFs:

  1. From the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, select Share images or PDFs .

    The Create presentation screen will appear:

  2. Select Add files, or drag and drop the file(s) you want to share into the Infinity Connect window. You can add multiple files, and they can be a combination of images and PDFs (if supported by your device). Each image will be converted into an individual slide, as will each page of each PDF.
  3. Select Start presenting and use the left < and right > controls at the top of the screen to scroll through the slides.
  4. To stop sharing the slides, from the toolbar select Stop presenting .

Any files you share remain yours - they are not available for other participants to download during or after the conference.

Using Infinity Connect just to share content

If you are in a conference using an endpoint other than Infinity Connect (for example, a dedicated meeting room system) and you want to share content from your computer or mobile device without activating your camera and microphone:

  1. Open the Infinity Connect client on your computer or mobile device and enter the details of the Virtual Meeting Room or Virtual Auditorium you are in.
  2. From the drop-down options on the Connect button, select Conference control and receive/send presentation only:

  3. From the toolbar, select Share screen (Infinity Connect desktop client and Infinity Connect Web App via Chrome only), or Share images or PDFs .