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Comparison of Infinity Connect clients

Pexip Infinity Connect is available in three main formats:

  • directly from one of the following web browsers (the Infinity Connect Web App):
    • Google Chrome version 43 and later
    • Mozilla Firefox version 39 and later
    • Opera version 23 and later
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 and later (requires Flash Player 11 and later ActiveX® plug-in, and must not be in Compatibility View) — note that support for Internet Explorer on Windows 10 systems has been deprecated
    • Microsoft Edge version 20.10532 or later for WebRTC support (earlier versions will connect over RTMP and use Flash video)
    • Apple Safari version 6 and later (Mac OS X only) (requires Flash Player 11 and later plug-in)
  • as an installable desktop application (the Infinity Connect desktop client)
  • as an installable application for iOS or Android devices (the Infinity Connect Mobile client).

There are some differences in features available between the different clients and browsers, as shown in the table below:

  Full audio and video mode Audio-only mode Presentation and control-only mode
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PDF sharing
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Image sharing
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Screen sharing
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View presentations in full motion
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Send DTMF to individual participants Chat Register to receive calls
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Preconfigured links
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Desktop client

Web App via Chrome



Web App via Internet Explorer



Web App via Edge



Web App via Firefox



Web App via Safari



Web App via Opera



Mobile client for Android


Mobile client for iOS



* Requires installation of a Chrome extension