About Connect web app versions

There are currently three different versions of the Connect web app available to users connecting to a Pexip Infinity deployment. The version that users are offered depends on the URL path that they use to access the web app. As an administrator you can configure web app paths and also decide which version of the web app is offered to users by default.

All three Connect web app versions use the same API to connect to a Pexip Infinity deployment but each version offers a different user interface, supports different Pexip Infinity features, and is customized separately. Within the Administrator interface (e.g. when customizing the web apps or installing software bundles) each version is managed separately and are differentiated as follows:

  • Webapp3: this is the latest version and was released with Pexip Infinity v30.
  • Webapp2: this is the previous version, originally released with Pexip Infinity v18. This version is aligned with the current Connect desktop app and Connect mobile app in terms of user interface and functionality, and any customization of Webapp2 can also be applied to the Connect desktop app.
  • Webapp1: this is the original "legacy" version, and is no longer actively developed or maintained and has been removed from the default installation of Pexip Infinity.

Setting which version is offered by default

Users access the web app by entering the IP address or FQDN of a Conferencing Node or reverse proxy in your deployment, either on its own or with a path appended. Each path specifies the web app version to be used, but you can configure where to redirect users who either do not enter a path or enter the /webapp path (supported by previous versions of Pexip Infinity).

For full details, see Redirecting "/webapp" (or no path).