Deploying the Connect desktop app under Citrix

Users can securely access the Connect desktop app via Citrix Virtual Desktops or via Citrix Virtual Apps using the Citrix Workspace app to join VMRs, call through the Pexip Gateway to Microsoft Teams, or simply place point-to-point calls. This solution:

  • Provides secure, easy to join meetings from any location.
  • Requires no download or plugins.
  • Allows Connect desktop app users to directly launch their video call from a secure desktop.

The Connect desktop app for Citrix Virtual Desktops and Citrix Virtual Apps is compatible with Pexip Infinity version 28 or later. You must be running version 1.12.6 or later of the Connect desktop app.


This solution has the following limitations:

  • When someone is sharing their screen, their content is sent to other participants at 5 fps by default. This default rate cannot be changed by selecting Settings > Advanced Settings > Screen.
  • The Enable media relay on TCP port 443 global settings option is not supported for Citrix virtual desktops.
  • End-to-end encrypted calls are not supported, therefore you must disable this feature for any VMRs used (by setting Enable direct media to Never).

Architecture overview

The Connect desktop app for Citrix deployment has 2 main components:

  • Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA): server (virtual machine) where the Connect desktop app is hosted. The Citrix Workspace App uses virtual desktops to access the Connect desktop app. When a call is received or made on the Connect desktop app, the VDA connects to a Conferencing Node using the Citrix WebRTC JavaScript to manage all the call signaling. All the media processing is performed on the Citrix Workspace App and the Citrix VDA handles the Connect desktop app and call signaling.
  • Citrix Workspace App: used by the end users to connect to virtual desktops. The Citrix WebRTC running on VDA handles the communication to the Workspace App. The Workspace App uses the HDX Real Time Media Engine to handle media processing.

Supported Citrix versions

Versions 1.12.x of Connect desktop app support:

  • Citrix Workspace App 20.9.5.x or later
  • Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) 1912 or later
  • Connect desktop app requires your VDA environment to be installed on Windows Server 2016 (build 1607) or later
  • For customers on Long Term Service Release (LTSR), Citrix recommends the Workspace App and VDA to be version 2203 LTSR or later


The following instructions assume that in a Citrix environment you have already:

  • Installed a suitable Citrix VDA server
  • Installed Citrix Workspace App at the client
  • Created a user account to log in to the Citrix Workspace App

Port requirements

These are the port usage rules for call signaling and media between Citrix and Conferencing Nodes:

Source address Source port Destination address Dest. port Protocol Notes
Citrix Workspace App 19302–19309 Conferencing Node 40000–49999 ** TCP and UDP SRTP/SRTCP
Citrix VDA 33000–39999 ** Conferencing Node 443 TCP (HTTPS)  
Citrix Workspace App <any> TURN server 3478 UDP UDP TURN/STUN (optional)
Citrix Workspace App <any> TURN server 49152–65535 UDP TURN relay media (optional)
TURN server 49152-65535 Citrix Workspace App <any> UDP RTP media (optional)

** Configurable via the Media port range start/end, and Signaling port range start/end options (see About global settings) .

Installing the Connect desktop app

To install the Connect desktop app:

  1. Go to the Pexip App download page and download pexip-infinity-connect_<release>_win-x64.msi file for Windows.
  2. Install the pexip-infinity-connect_<release>_win-x64.msi file with the following switches:

    • ALLUSERS=1
    • CITRIX=1

    For example:

    msiexec /i pexip-infinity-connect_<version>_win-x64.msi ALLUSERS=1 CITRIX=1

    During the installation process the Connect app icon is added to the desktop, and entries are added to the Windows registry to allow links prefixed with pexip: and pexip-provision: to open automatically in the Connect desktop app.

  3. Ensure that the Citrix VDA server has the following registry settings to support WebRTC media redirection:


    "Name": ProcessWhitelist

    "Type": REG_MULTI_SZ

    "Data": pexip-infinity-connect.exe

  4. Restart the Citrix VDA server.
  5. After restarting the Citrix VDA server, ensure that the CtxHdxWebSocketService is running on the server.

Running as a Citrix Published Desktop

When running the Connect desktop app as a Citrix Published Desktop, you must disable hardware acceleration.

To do this, use the following command line options:

--disable-gpu --citrix

For more information, see Virtual environments.

Running as a Citrix Published App

The Connect desktop app can only run as a Citrix Published App without a window titlebar. Hardware acceleration must also be disabled.

To do this, run the app with the following command-line options:

--disable-gpu --citrix --frameless

For more information, see Virtual environments.

User guide

For information about using the Connect desktop app, see Using the Connect desktop app.