Creating and deploying Connect app plugins

The Pexip Connect apps support plugins, allowing you to extend the functionality of the application with additional features and integrations including menus, buttons and behaviors.

Different APIs are used for Webapp3 plugins and Webapp2/Connect desktop app plugins. If you have already developed plugins for the latter, you'll need to create and deploy new ones for Webapp3.

Creating plugins

Full information about Pexip Connect app plugins, including APIs and examples, is available at

Deploying plugins

Plugins are deployed by creating and uploading a customized Connect web app that includes your plugin files, which are referenced:

  • in Webapp3 from the plugins block of the manifest.json file
  • in Webapp2 and the Connect desktop app from the plugins block of the settings.json file.

For more information about creating and uploading branding packages, see Advanced Connect app branding and customization.