Introduction to the management API

Pexip Infinity includes a management API that allows third parties to control, configure, and obtain status information on the Pexip Infinity platform. Typical tasks include:

  • dynamic creation of Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • controlling outbound calls to endpoints and recording solutions
  • controlling conference participants
  • deploying new Conferencing Nodes
  • real-time and historic status monitoring

This guide describes how to use the Pexip Infinity version 26 API. It comprises the following sections:

Using the management API An overview of the RESTful web API used to communicate with a Pexip Infinity Management Node.
Management configuration API How to configure the Pexip Infinity platform and services (Virtual Meeting Rooms, Virtual Auditoriums, Virtual Receptions and the Infinity Gateway).
Management status API How to obtain status information on the Pexip Infinity platform and services.
Management history API How to obtain historical information on the Pexip Infinity platform and services.
Management command API How to control aspects of Pexip Infinity conference instances.
Retrieving, paginating, filtering and ordering resource details How to control which resource details are retrieved.
Extracting and analyzing call data More information and examples about how to extract history data and view it in tools such as Excel and PowerBI.


In the context of this API guide:

  • A service is a Virtual Meeting Room, Virtual Auditorium, Virtual Reception or Infinity Gateway.
  • A conference instance is a unique conference that is created when one or more participants accesses a service, and exists only until the last participant leaves.

Intended audience and references

It is assumed that readers are familiar with the concepts of HTTP(S), JSON and REST. The following links provide more information about the technologies used in relation to the management API.