Using the VMR self-service portal — "My Room Settings"

The VMR self-service portal allows you to manage your personal Virtual Meeting Room without having to send requests to your administrator to change its settings such as the layout or PIN number.

Signing in to the VMR portal

To access the VMR portal:

  1. Follow the link provided by your system administrator that takes you to the VMR portal / My Room Settings website.

    This takes you to My Room Settings sign-in page as shown below, although its appearance may have been customized for your organization.

  2. Enter your Username and Password and select Sign in.

    Your credentials will typically be the same as the ones you use to access other applications within your organization.

Changing your VMR's settings

After you have signed in, the settings for your VMR are displayed.

  1. If you have multiple VMRs assigned to your account then at the top of the page you can select which VMR you want to configure.
  2. You can change the following settings:

    • Host and Guest PINs used to join your VMR
    • The VMR's layout (1 main + 7 thumbnails, 4 person equal layout etc.)
    • Settings that determine whether:

      • Guests are allowed to join (with or without a PIN)
      • Guests can present content
      • Participant names are shown

    You can also view (read-only) the following information:

    • The aliases (join addresses and conference IDs) for your VMR, as set up by your administrator.
    • Join information for your VMR that can be sent to participants — this is a link to join your VMR via the Infinity Connect web app and a list of aliases for other devices to dial to join the meeting.
  3. Select Save Changes to save the changes you have made.

    Your changes may take a few minutes to come into effect and will then be applied to any new conferences in your VMR.