About the VMR self-service portal

The Pexip VMR self-service portal is a separately-installable component that allows end-users to manage their personal Virtual Meeting Room without having to send requests to their administrator to change the configuration of their VMR.

They can use the VMR portal to manage the following properties of their VMR:

  • Host and Guest PINs used to join the VMR
  • The VMR's layout (such as 1 main + 7 thumbnails or an equal grid layout)
  • Settings that determine whether:

    • Guests are allowed to join (with or without a PIN)
    • Guests can present content
    • Participant names are shown

They can also view (read-only) the following information:

  • The aliases (join addresses and conference IDs) for the VMR.
  • Join information for their VMR that can be sent to participants — this is a link to join the VMR via the Connect web app and a list of aliases for other devices to dial to join the meeting.

See About PINs, Hosts and Guests and Conference layouts and speaker names for more information about configuring VMR behavior and appearance.

Note that you should not provide the VMR portal to end-users if you also implement external or local policy that overrides service configuration properties such as layouts or PINs.

How it works

  1. End-users sign in to the VMR portal via their web browser by supplying a username and password that is authenticated against an LDAP / Active Directory server. These are typically the same credentials they use to access their other applications within their organization.
  2. After signing in, the end-user is only allowed to manage a VMR that has an Owner's email address that matches the LDAP mail attribute of the logged in user. Typically, the VMR's Owner's email address is automatically populated if the VMR was provisioned via LDAP/AD but it can also be manually configured.
  3. If there are multiple VMRs with the same Owner's email address the user is able to select which VMR they want to configure.
  4. The VMR portal uses the Pexip Infinity management API to apply any updates to the VMR configuration on the Management Node.
  5. The updates are replicated out to all Conferencing Nodes where they will be applied to any new conferences in that VMR.

Note that LDAP/AD is the only end-user authentication method available.

Customization options

As part of the VMR self-service portal installation process you have the option to customize some of the headings and descriptions that are shown in the portal:

  • The portal title that is shown on the sign in page ("My Room Settings")
  • The description text shown under the title on the sign in page ("All of your virtual meeting room settings in one place.")
  • The portal title shown in the navigation bar ("My Room Settings")

You can also perform other customizations, such as changing the splash screen graphic, the colors of the right-hand-side panel, the VMR layout options and the join information, but these involve direct manipulation of the installation files.

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