Viewing usage statistics

To view the daily usage statistics, go to History & Logs > Usage statistics. This shows:

  • the total number of minutes used (the sum of all participant durations) per location, and
  • the highest number of concurrent call licenses used.

These graphs show statistics for up to the past 100 days, even if you have rebooted or upgraded your system during that time. Each day represents usage for the 24-hour period from midnight UTC. The participant minutes information is also broken down by ingress location within each day.

You can view specific information on each location and day by hovering over each item.

If there is no information available, for example if your system has been deployed in the last 24 hours, you will see the following message: Information not yet available. This can take up to 1 hour.

The Live view page (Status > Live View) lets you review current and historic usage charts showing a breakdown of participants by location, protocol, license type and the different conference types being hosted.

Example graphs

Graph showing usage in participant minutes per day for a deployment spread across six locations

Graph showing the maximum number of concurrent call licenses used each day

Viewing source data

To view the source data used to create each graph, click on the View source data link below the graph. This takes you to a page showing the source data in CSV format.

The source data goes back for the same amount of time as the administrator log, from which they are extracted. For more information, see About the administrator log.