Installing and configuring the Teams Connector in Azure

This topic explains how to install the Teams Connector in Azure and how to configure Pexip as your Cloud Video Interop (CVI) service provider for Microsoft Teams. The various steps are:

  1. Prepare your Azure environment, certificates and other prerequisites
  2. Download the Teams Connector application software files
  3. Install the Teams Connector application into Azure
  4. Update DNS with Teams Connector name and IP address
  5. Authorize Pexip CVI application to join Teams meetings
  6. Authorize CVI app to bypass Teams lobby and configure dialing instructions

You can then complete the configuration within Pexip Infinity as described in Configuring Pexip Infinity as a Microsoft Teams gateway.

Microsoft.Graph modules of version 2.0.0 and higher are currently not supported. This will be addressed in a future Teams Connector release. Make sure that you follow the instructions here to ensure that your Teams Connector installs successfully.

No changes should be made to any Pexip Teams Connector or the provided deployment scripts (other than as described within this documentation for installing and maintaining your deployment) unless directed to do so by Pexip support. This includes (but is not limited to) any changes to the operating system or the installation of any third-party code/applications. If you encounter any issues, please contact your Pexip authorized support representative.

Deployment environment

You can deploy Teams Connector in the standard Azure commercial cloud, or where necessary for specific compliance requirements, in the Azure US Government environment.

Note that you can deploy Teams Connector in Azure US Government in combination with a commercial Teams environment or a Teams GCC environment. But, for Teams GCC High environments, Teams Connector must be deployed in Azure US Government.

The Teams Connector must be hosted in the Arizona or Texas Azure regions for GCC High. The Virginia Azure region does not support the hosting of the Teams Connector for GCC High.

Most of the deployment processes are the same for either Azure environment, but there are some extra steps and minor differences when deploying in a US Government environment. Where there are variances indicated within this documentation you should either follow the standard deployment instructions (for commercial Azure) or the GCC High / Azure US Government Cloud deployment instructions.

Next steps

You must now complete the configuration within Pexip Infinity as described in Configuring Pexip Infinity as a Microsoft Teams gateway.