Installing and updating software bundles

The software bundles feature enables administrators to update individual components of the Pexip Infinity platform (for example the Connect apps), independently of the platform itself.

The use of software bundles allows Pexip to provide our customers with more frequent and timely access to features and bug fixes for individual components, and allows our customers to install, test and deploy the components that they are most interested in without having to wait for the next major Pexip Infinity software release.

Software bundles available in v33

Each new major release of Pexip Infinity includes the latest available set of bundled software components, which will be available for your use without any further action required. Between major releases, we may release one or more updates to each of these components which you can optionally download from our website and install on the Pexip Infinity Management Node.

Baseline software bundles

This release of Pexip Infinity ships with the following components that can subsequently be updated:

Software bundle Description Original revision
PexRTC software bundle Core WebRTC library 33-33.0
Webapp2 software bundle Connect Webapp2 33-1.13
Webapp3 software bundle Connect Webapp3 33-5.0

Viewing and changing installed software bundles

To view all bundled software components currently installed and available on your Pexip Infinity platform, from the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface, go to Utilities > Software bundles.

The Bundle Type column lists each of the bundled software components that are currently installed; the Revision column shows the version of that component that is currently in use.

To change which version of a particular software bundle is currently in use on your on your Pexip Infinity platform, select the bundle and then select the Selected revision drop-down. This lists all the available versions of this software bundle; select the version you wish to use.

Installing new software bundles

Each software bundle is compatible with a specific major version of Pexip Infinity, indicated by the first part of the bundle's revision number. For example, you cannot install a 28-n-n bundle on a Pexip Infinity deployment running v29. Upon upgrade to a new major version of Pexip Infinity, all existing software bundles will be upgraded automatically to the latest available version.

Any web app customizations will apply to all revisions of the web app.

To install or update a software bundle:

  1. Contact your Pexip authorized support representative for information on how to download the latest software bundles, which you should save to your local machine.
  2. From the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface, go to Utilities > Software bundles.
  3. From the bottom of the page, select Upload.
  4. Select Choose File and browse to the location of the new software bundle.
  5. Select Upload.
  6. After a short delay you are taken to the Change Software bundle revision page (alternatively, you can go to this page by selecting Utilities > Software bundles and selecting the software component you have just updated).
  7. From the Selected revision drop-down, select the version you have just installed.
  8. Select Save.

The updated software bundles will be replicated to each Conferencing Node. Updates to the Connect web app will be available to end users as soon as the Conferencing Node they are connected to has updated, although they may need to refresh their browser in order to receive the changes.