Configuring SMTP servers

SMTP servers are used in conjunction with Sending provisioning emails to VMR and device owners when bulk-provisioning VMRs and device aliases from Active Directory via LDAP.

To add, edit or delete the SMTP servers used by Pexip Infinity, go to System > SMTP servers.

The available options are:

Option Description
Name The name used to refer to the SMTP server.
Description A description of the SMTP server.
Address The IP address or FQDN of the SMTP server.

The port on the SMTP server to connect to.

Default: 587.



These are optional fields where you can specify the credentials of a valid account on the SMTP server.
From email address The "from" email address to use when sending emails via this server. This must be an email address that is permitted to be used for sending email using this server and account.
Connection security

The type of connection security to use when connecting to this email server.

Select StartTLS to use an encrypted connection.

Default: None.