Making the scheduling add-in available to all users

The VMR Scheduling for Exchange feature allows you to create an add-in that enables Microsoft Outlook desktop and Web App users in Office 365 or Exchange environments to schedule meetings using Pexip VMRs as a meeting resource.

This topic explains how to make the Pexip VMR Scheduling for Exchange add-in available to Outlook users from their desktop and Web App clients. This involves uploading an XML manifest file to your Microsoft Exchange deployment.

These instructions explain how to make the same add-in available to all users in your Exchange deployment. For information on how to make a specific add-in available to a particular group of users, see Restricting the scheduling add-in to specific users.

Before you start you must have completed the following steps:

  1. Configuring Exchange/Office 365 for scheduling
  2. Configuring a Pexip Exchange Integration

Downloading the add-in XML file

The add-in XML manifest file contains all the add-in configuration and is generated by the Pexip Infinity Management Node based on the information you provided when Configuring a Pexip Exchange Integration. To download the file:

  1. From the Management Node, go to System Configuration > Pexip Exchange Integrations.
  2. Select the Pexip Exchange Integration you have configured.
  3. From the bottom of the page, select Download Exchange add-in manifest.

Upload the add-in XML file to Microsoft Exchange

You must now upload the add-in XML manifest file to your Microsoft Exchange deployment:

  1. Log in to the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) and select organization > add-ins.
  2. Select the add icon (+) and then Add from file.
  3. Browse to the manifest XML file and then select Next.

    The Pexip Scheduling Service add-in will appear in the list.

  4. Double click the Pexip add-in to edit it.
  5. Select Make this add-in available to users in your organization.
  6. Select either Optionally, enabled by default or Mandatory, always enabled.
  7. Select Save.

Now, when users access Outlook, the Pexip VMR Scheduling for Exchange add-in will be available for them to use to schedule meetings in Pexip Infinity VMRs. The add-in will be available to all Outlook users in your deployment unless you choose to restrict it to certain users.

Testing the integration

You can test that the add-in is working as expected by logging in to an Outlook client and creating a test meeting, and then joining that meeting using the links that were generated. Note that you should ensure that the test meeting is scheduled to start within the buffer time, otherwise it won't be available to join immediately.


If you are having issues installing the add-in, see Troubleshooting VMR Scheduling for Exchange.