Scheduling and joining meetings using One-Touch Join

Using One-Touch Join in meeting rooms

When Pexip Infinity's One-Touch Join feature has been enabled for meeting rooms in your environment, you don't need to do anything special in order to use it — everything will happen automatically:

  1. You or the meeting organizer create a meeting invitation in Outlook, Google calendar, or via the Teams client in your usual way. This includes any invitations that are created by using add-in buttons, for example for Pexip scheduled meetings or for Webex.
  2. Add the meeting room to the invitation as a room resource.
  3. Each endpoint in each meeting room will display a list of upcoming meetings for that room. When a meeting is due to start, the endpoint in the meeting room will show a Join button.
  4. When you are ready to join the meeting, just press the Join button. The endpoint will dial in to the meeting.

Using One-Touch Join with your personal endpoint

If you have a personal videoconferencing endpoint that supports One-Touch Join, you may be able to link this with your own calendar, so that you can use One-Touch Join on the endpoint to join any meetings to which you are invited. This will depend on your organization's policies and network, so you'll need to contact your system administrator to see if this is possible.