Configuring G Suite for One-Touch Join

This topic describes how to configure G Suite in order to implement Pexip Infinity's One-Touch Join feature in a G Suite environment.

The process involves the following steps, described in more detail in the sections that follow:

  1. Creating a Service Account to use for One-Touch Join.
  2. Creating a room resource for each physical room that will have a One-Touch Join endpoint in it.
  3. Configuring the room resource with the necessary permissions and settings to support One-Touch Join.
  4. Updating the quota for the number of user requests per 100 seconds.
  5. For larger deployments, Requesting an increase to API limits.
  6. Adding a One-Touch Join G Suite integration on Pexip Infinity.

If you have already set up a One-Touch Join G Suite integration and simply wish to add an existing room to it, you need only configure the room resource in G Suite and then add the endpoint to the G Suite integration in Pexip Infinity.

We recommend that you authorize One-Touch Join to access calendar information using a service account, as described in the following steps. This method (sometimes referred to as two-legged OAuth) offers the easiest setup for One-Touch Join, and is recommend by Google because it is designed for server-to-server applications (for more information, see Alternatively, you may need to use a G Suite domain user for authorization (sometimes refered to as three-legged OAuth); for instructions on how to do this, see Configuring G Suite for domain user authorization.


In the deployment model described below, the service account will require access to the endpoints' calendars. G Suite service accounts always use the domain rather than your own domain, so you will need to configure G Suite to allow endpoint calendars to be shared externally. Some enterprises will require approval for this configuration, so you should confirm that it will be permitted within your deployment. If not, you can consider Configuring G Suite for domain user authorization as an alternative.

Next steps

You must now configure the remainder of the One-Touch Join components on Pexip Infinity, as described in Configuring Pexip Infinity for One-Touch Join.