Limiting the number of participants

You can place a limit on the number of concurrent participants that can join a particular Virtual Meeting Room, Virtual Auditorium or scheduled conference at any one time. When such a restriction is in place, when the limit is reached any new participants attempting to join the conference are presented with a capacity exceeded message.

If you change this setting while a conference is in place, existing participants are not affected, even if the conference is already over capacity. However, after the change has been replicated to all Conferencing Nodes (typically after approximately one minute), any new participants attempting to join the conference will be rejected if the number of participants has reached or exceeded the new limit.

If you do not restrict the number of participants, any number of participants can join the service (subject to the available capacity of your Pexip Infinity deployment).

To limit the number of participants in a particular conference:

  1. Go to Services > Virtual Meeting Rooms, Services > Virtual Auditoriums or Services > Scheduled Conferences and select the service you wish to change.
  2. In the Advanced options section, select Show.
  3. In the Participant limit field, enter the maximum number of participants that can use the conference at any one time.
  4. Select Save.

Note that:

  • Presentation streams are not counted separately; such participants are only counted once regardless of whether or not there is a presentation stream in addition to the main video.
  • Connect app users who join as presentation and control-only participants do count towards the participant limits.