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Using a syslog server

The Management Node acts as a syslog server, collating the logs from itself and each Conferencing Node to produce the Pexip Infinity support log. The support log includes the administrator log.

However, you can also use a remote syslog server to collect copies of each system's logs. The advantage of this is that, should the Management Node become unavailable, logging would still continue on the syslog server.

When a remote syslog server is used, the Management Node and each of the Conferencing Nodes sends its logs directly to the syslog server using the syslog protocol. The Management Node will still continue to collate logs from all the nodes, and it is these logs that will be shown from the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface.

To add, edit or delete the remote syslog servers used by Pexip Infinity, go to System configuration > Syslog servers.

The available options are:

Option Description
Description An optional description of the syslog server.
Address The IP address or FQDN of the remote syslog server.

The port on the remote syslog server.

Default: 514.


The IP transport protocol used to communicate with the remote syslog server.

Default: UDP.