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Enabling Full HD (1080p)

By default, Pexip Infinity deployments have Full HD (1080p) disabled. This means that endpoints capable of sending Full HD will only be permitted to use HD (720p) resolution.

You can enable Full HD in your deployment, which allows any endpoint capable of Full HD to send video and presentations at 1080p. However, be aware that enabling Full HD will have implications on bandwidth and capacity across your deployment, specifically:

  • Full HD calls require approximately double the Conferencing Node resources and double the bandwidth of an HD call.
  • With Full HD enabled, all backplane reservations consume resources equivalent to a Full HD call, approximately twice that of an HD call. For more information, see Backplane reservation.

Note that a Full HD call only consumes a single call license (as does any other type of call).

When you enable or disable Full HD, it takes effect for any new conferences initiated after the change has been made.

If you enable Full HD, you may wish to consider applying bandwidth limitations to individual services if appropriate, to enable you to manage your bandwidth usage and server capacity.

To enable or disable Full HD:

  1. Go to Platform configuration > Global settings.
  2. From within the Connectivity section, deselect or select Enable 1080p (Full HD).