Configuring DNS servers

Pexip Infinity uses DNS to resolve the hostnames of external system components including NTP servers, syslog servers, SNMP servers and web proxies. It is also used for call routing purposes — SIP proxies, gatekeepers, external call control and conferencing systems and so on. The address of at least one DNS server must be added to your system.

To add, edit or delete the set of available DNS servers, go to System > DNS servers.

The available options are:

Option Description

The IP address of the DNS server.

The address must be an IPv4 address. (Note that IPv6 DNS resolution does not require an IPv6-addressed DNS server.)

Description An optional description of the DNS server.

After configuring the DNS servers available to your system, you should assign appropriate DNS servers to each location (Platform > Locations). Each Conferencing Node in that location will then use those DNS servers.

You can also select the specific DNS servers to be used by the Management Node (Platform > Management Node).

While you can assign unlimited DNS servers to a location / Management Node, only three will be used. They are used in the order in which they were assigned to the location / Management Node, with the first to be assigned having highest priority. If multiple servers are assigned simultaneously, those servers are used in descending numerical order. Hence, the order in which the DNS servers are prioritized is not necessarily the same as the order in which they are displayed. The order in which they were configured via System > DNS servers is irrelevant.